Face Sculptor 3-in-1 Palette

Play up the shadows and highlights of your face and create magic! All it takes are the right products and techniques and your features are sculpted to perfection in no time, and with no fuss at all.

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watch me sculpt. see me glow

Watch me sculpt. See me glow

Take radiant definition to another level with our all-new, better than ever, vegan Face Sculptor 3-in-1 Palette. Each palette comes equipped with all the essentials you need to sculpt, enhance, and glow in no time! Sweep on the richly pigmented shades and you’ll get buildable coverage on any skin type. Brush the oh so soft and creamy powders and you’ll find that they blend super nicely to leave a silky smooth, glowing finish. All conveniently packed in a travel-friendly compact case with mirror.

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