10 Sec Mascara Collection

Meet Isadora's 10 Sec Mascara Collection: Length & Lift, Waterproof, Volume, and the award-winning Lift & Curl. Instant results, waterproof options, and classic favorites in new packaging. Find your fit within the 10 Sec mascara lineup

10 Sec Collection: New designs, same high impact

Besides launches newness; experience our classics: 10 Sec Volume Mascara and Swedish Beauty Award-winner 10 Sec Lift & Curl Mascara, in new costume. Designed to fit seamlessly within the rebranding, these new packaging ensure a cohesive collection look, staying on-trend while delivering the same high impact you love

New Mascara Must-haves: Meet our latest innovations

Lift your lashes to the next level with our new 10 Sec High Impact Length & Lift Mascara. Discover waterproof volume in seconds with 10 Sec High Impact Waterproof mascara

Find Your Mascara Match

Explore our collection of 10 sec mascara family to discover the right match for your needs

Length & Lift:

Lift your lashes to new heights in an instant! THE 10 SEC HIGH IMPACT LENGTH & LIFT MASCARA provides impeccable length, lift and a wide-eyed look. The combination of an innovative brush and creamy texture provides an effortless application.

Lift & Curl:

THE 10 SEC HIGH IMPACT LIFT & CURL MASCARA, a Swedish Beauty Award-winner is perfect if you want to achieve stunning volume and more curl to your lashes. The light, buildable and creamy formula creates results in just seconds. This mascara comes in an Intense Black variant, offering the same high-impact benefits for those who prefer a deeper, more dramatic look - THE 10 SEC HIGH IMPACT LIFT & CURL MASCARA - INTENSE BLACK


Experience that the mascara’s fading during the day? Lock in lift and length with our waterproof version -THE 10 SEC HIGH IMPACT WATERPROOF MASCARA, ensuring your lashes stay flawless in any situation


If you desire black, voluminous lashes this is THE 10 SEC HIGH IMPACT VOLUME MASCARA for you. Its smudge-resistant, long-wearing formula is perfect for all-day glam.