We believe in embracing diversity, promoting self-worth, and celebrating individuality. We know unrealistic beauty standards can have a negative impact on mental health.

To help this problem and to be true to our consumers, we commit to no longer retouching our model images. Our goal is to empower everyone to be themselves, embrace diversity and always be true to you – so you can set your own beauty standards.  

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Supporting Tjejzonen in the fight against unrealistic beauty standards 

IsaDora believes in the power of sisterhood, diversity, and self-worth. We understand that unrealistic beauty standards can have a negative impact on mental health, especially among young girls. That's why we are proud to support Tjejzonen’s petition to enact a law that regulates retouching photographs of models.   

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Join us in redefining beauty by supporting Tjejzonen and their dedication to improving the mental well-being of young girls. Together, we can make a positive impact and create a world where diversity and individuality are celebrated and change unrealistic beauty standards. 

About Tjejzonen 

Tjejzonen, Sweden’s biggest support organization for girls, is a dedicated sisterhood, making a difference in the lives of girls aged 10 to 25. They provide vital support with their three distinct programs: Tjejzonen, Ätstörningszonen, and Storasyster online. Their approach revolves around the "Big Sister Method," a compassionate listening technique developed over 25 years. Trained volunteers, known as "Big Sisters," extend their support to "Little Sisters" seeking assistance. This approach is not just about offering help; is about actively listening and empowering girls. 

One of Tjejzonen's crucial initiatives is advocating for a law to regulate retouching photographs on models. This effort aims to combat the harmful beauty standards perpetuated by retouched images. By supporting this cause, we stand alongside Tjejzonen in their mission to empower girls, promote self-acceptance, and foster a society where everyone can be true to themselves. 

The interviews 

In order to shed light on the impact of Retouch to the individual and society, we asked 4 of our models and ambassadors to share their experience on the topic. We also talked about what a retouch free world would look like and how we can make change for a better future.  


"True beauty to me means being comfortable and secure in yourself. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and should feel free to look the way they want." 


Nobody can live up to the retouched pictures. Even I can’t live up to a retouched picture of myself. It creates a feeling that the true version of me, is not good enough 


"I have wrinkles, and I earned them all. I have been through good and bad times, and you should be allowed to see those experiences on my face


I think it is important to show that nobody is perfect. We all have flaws, different skin types and good- or bad days