Glossy Eyeliner collection
Glossy Eyeliner collection

isadora x cherrie

Finally, it’s here – Cherrie's signature eyeliner collection! 6 vibrant shades inspired by her personality, music and values.

Get ready for IsaDora x Cherrie

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glossy eyeliners collection
Isadora x Cherrie

glossy eyeliners collection

This unique collection includes 6 specially created shades of our iconic Glossy Eyeliner that has been Cherrie's makeup must-have from the first days of her creative journey. The color names have a personal meaning & some are inspired by the name of her songs, such as Sagoblått (a vibrant blue) & Araweelo (a glossy black). You will also discover a deep burgundy named Chérie and a dark green named after her friend & makeup artist, Milenaalong with a metallic purple and a brown-bronze shade.

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