Discovering the perfect foundation tailored to your needs can be a challenging quest. With a wide range of formulas, finishes, and benefits available, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the options. Don't worry, we're here to assist you. Let us guide you through the unique advantages of each foundation type and share some pro tips on how to find your dream formula, finish, and the ideal shade match


  • Coverage level: sheer to full coverage 
  • Finish: matte, glow or natural 
  • Key attribute: what is the main benefit that will support your skin's need? Hydrating, oil absorbing, blurring, or long-wearing? 


Make sure you choose the foundation that supports the way you want your skin to look like at the end 


CC Cream:  Multitasker with natural finish 

Good for: All skin types, particularly those with mild imperfections or uneven skin tones

Key Benefits: 

- Color correction: CC stands for "Color correcting." These creams offer targeted solutions for issues like redness. 

- Skincare benefits: Packed with ingredients like moisturizers and SPF to improve skin health over time. 

- Lightweight coverage: Provides a natural finish, perfect for those seeking a "no-makeup" makeup look. 

 Green CC Cream 

- Redness neutralizer: Green pigments are needed for counteracting redness from acne, rosacea, or sensitivity.  

- Blendability: Though it may seem daunting, green CC creams blend into the skin without leaving a green cast, especially when layered under foundation.  

Pro Tips:  

  • Select based on your primary skin concern (e.g., redness, dullness) 
  • Consider your skin type – some formulas may be more hydrating or oil-absorbing 
  • Choose products with SPF for added sun protection

Serum foundation: Flawless fluidity 

Good for: All skin types, especially those looking for lightweight, seamless coverage with skincare benefits

Key Benefits: 

- Weightless formula: Serum foundations blend the nourishing properties of skincare with the coverage of traditional foundations, offering a barely-there feel that enhances skin's natural beauty

- Buildable coverage: From sheer to medium, easily adjustable to meet your desired level of coverage without the heavy look or feel

- Skincare infused: Packed with active ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, and hydrating elements, it not only covers but improves the look and health of your skin over time

Pro Tips: 

  • Ideal for those seeking a simplified  makeup routine without compromising on skin health
  • For best application, use your fingertips or a damp beauty sponge to blend seamlessly into the skin
  • Consider setting with a light powder if you have combination skin to manage shine throughout the day


Glow Foundation: Radiant hydration 

Good for: Dry, dull skin types or those desiring a luminous, healthy-looking complexion 

Key Benefits: 

- Hydration: Glow foundations often contain hydrating ingredients that moisturize while providing a luminous coverage 

- Dewier, more luminous finish: Offers a radiant finish that reflects light, making skin appear brighter and more healthy-looking 

- Sheer to Medium Coverage: Great for enhancing natural beauty without covering the skin 


Pro Tips: 

  • Avoid if you have very oily skin, as it may enhance your shine 
  • Mix with a matte foundation for a customized finish 

Matte foundation: Oil-control and full coverage 

Good for: Oily, and/or combination skin types, or those seeking long-lasting, shine-free coverage

Key Benefits: 

- Oil control: Matte foundations are formulated to absorb excess oil, reducing shine for a smooth, matte finish. 

- Long-lasting wear: Typically, matte foundations offer extended wear time, resisting sweat and humidity better than dewier options. 

- Full coverage: Perfect for covering blemishes, redness, and uneven skin tones, providing a smooth canvas

Pro Tips: 

  • Look for "non-comedogenic" on labels to avoid pore clogging  
  • Consider formulas with added skincare benefits depending on your skin concern


The ABC of finding your ultimate fit is to shop with coverage in mind. 

Matt foundation tends to offer higher coverage, making it ideal to cover acne, scars, and pigmentation. Based on its characteristics, matte finish is more suitable for those with oily skin. 

Dewier, more luminous foundations allow your natural complexion to shine through. More suitable for those with normal and dry skin 


Understanding and meeting your skin needs is the basis of everything in beauty and the key to long-lasting makeup. The skin is your body’s largest organ, take time to learn your skin type and understand its specific needs, this helps you to choose the right product that balances your skin and creates a more radiant complexion. Understanding your skin type will determine which foundation suits you best. 

3 main skin types: Oily, dry and combination. 


Your skin tone may change throughout the year, but your undertone never changes. Skin tones range from very deep to very fair in color, but undertone refers to the shade that is within that color. Your undertone is the color underneath the surface of your skin, identified as warm, cool, and neutral. 

  • Warm includes golden, yellow, or peachy undertones 
  • Cool includes pink, red, or blueish undertones 
  • Neutral - you're neutral if you're a mixture of warm and cool 



Your skin tone may change throughout the year, but your undertone never changes. Skin tones range from very deep to very fair in color, but undertone refers to the shade that is within that color. 

Once you identify your undertone, it will be easier to harmonize and balance your skin tone with the right shade of foundation and concealer.

Dive into our Undertone Guide today


Isadora's foundation shades are labeled to match specific undertones. For warm undertone, you need foundations marked with the shade W (warm). Similarly, for a neutral undertone, choose foundations with the label N, and for a cool undertone, go for shades marked with C (cool). This logical approach ensures you find the right foundation that complements your undertone. 


Choosing the right foundation is a personal journey that depends on your skin type, concerns, and the finish you desireWith the tips and insights provided, you're well on your way to finding your match in the world of foundations.  

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