Undertone Guide

Warm, Cool or Neutral – Which one are you?

Identifying your undertone can be tricky, especially if you want to achieve that natural, second skin-look. But not to worry! In this guide we are sharing three hacks to help you along the way.

1. The white paper-hack

Hold up a white piece of paper to your face. Does this make your skin look vibrant or like it lacks lustre? You can either snap a selfie or observe yourself in the mirror. Usually, cool undertones will appear pink or bluish and look more vibrant against the white paper. Warm undertones rather tend to appear golden or yellow. If you are rocking a neutral undertone, your skin will have hints of both.


2. When you leave the beach…

It is the first day on summer holiday… Are you more likely to leave the beach tanned or sunburnt? If you’re a cool undertone there is a significant risk that you might end up like a lobster after too much sun. Warm undertones on the other hand usually leave the beach with a golden tan. Either way: Always make sure you are wearing your SPF!


3. Team gold or silver?

We are often naturally drawn to the metal that suits our skintone best. If both gold and silver are a match on you – you are most likely a neutral. While we are all for mixing and matching our accessories, cooler undertones generally tend to be flattered most by silver. Meanwhile, warm undertones usually look better with gold.