by IsaDora
November 30, 2018

Golden Eyes for Christmas & New Year’s

There’s no such thing as golden eyes for Chrtsimas & New Year’s. It’s a classic makeup look that always works for the holiday festivities. Makeup artist Erica Svensson is  an expert on creating eye makeups. We asked her to create a golden look using our Eye Shadow Palette Galctic Eyes and show step-by-step how she did.

EyeShadowPalette_GalacticEyes (2) 1. Start by adding Eye Primer on the eye lid & let it set. Add a brown shadow shadow into the crease and blend, I used Eye shadow Palette Matte Chocolates.

2. Place a dark brown shadow from the same palette in the outer and inner part of the eyelid, leave the middle free.

3. Blend the shadow into the globe line & blend outwards.

4. Use the dark brown shadow under the eye, leaving the middle of the eye free from the shadow.

5. Add a dash of the pink shadow from Eye Shadow Palette Galactic Eyes into the inner corner of the eye. At the center of the eyelid use the golden shadow & underneath the lower lash line. Add a black kajal at the upper lash line.

6. Use Glitter Liner Gold Sparkles as a top coat on the eyelid and lower lash line. Apply mascara & a pair of lashes. Now you are ready for the evening!

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