by IsaDora
November 2, 2017

How to use Foundation Color Blender

Customize your foundation into a lighter or darker color depending on skin tone and season. Seamlessly blends with your
foundation for a perfectly matching shade. Highly concentrated liquid color pigments. Buildable color coverage. Available in
a light and a dark version.

IsaDora; make-up; smink; cosmetic; kosmetikHow to use:

1. Shake the product well before use.
2. Apply the foundation shade you want to
adjust, to the back of your hand. Blend with
a foundation that matches your undertone.
3. Squeeze the dropper of the Foundation
Color Blender and add a small drop to the foundation. A little goes a long way as the Foundation Color Blender is highly pigmented!
4. Blend the foundation with the Foundation
Color Blender drops with your fingers.
Add more drops if you want the shade to
be lighter or darker.
5. Apply the mix as a normal foundation onto
your skin with your fingers or with a make-up
blender sponge.

Tip! Make your foundation slightly lighter to brighten & highlight your complexion. Make it slightly darker to to enhance and contour.

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