Hypo-Allergenic Volume Mascara

  • Formulated with mild ingredients for extra sensitive eyes
  • Washes off easily with warm water
  • Smudge-, tear-proof, and flake-free
  • Widely spaced fibers ensure maximum product volume to richly coat lashes
34 Black 34 Black

It’s time to get voluminous, long lashes even with extra sensitive eyes! That’s why this mascara is made with carefully selected ingredients, without any allergenic or irritating properties. You get pure volume that stays put without flaking or smudging, even when you get teary! The special brush with widely spaced fibers ensures maximum volume
to richly coat every lash from root to tip. Get lashes with the volume you’ve been dreaming of, purely without tears and fears!

Created to the quality standards of Asthma Allergy Nordic.

Read more about the Asthma Allergy Nordics criteria here

High quality, pure pigments – superior color intensity
Synthetic beeswax – vegan-friendly and ultra creamy
for great spreadability
Carnuba wax – thickens, lengthens, and moisturizes lashes

Start at the roots of your lashes, wiggling the brush back and forth
as you work up to the tip. Coat generously to achieve the volume
you’re after. To remove, wash with warm water, no makeup remover required.


3.0 out of 2 reviews

Latest reviews

  • By xara likoudi 25 September 2022

    they are the best products

  • By Mia 11 October 2023

    Jag älskar mascaran. Mina ögon är känsliga, och oftast kliar det när jag använder mascara. Men med Hypo allergenic mascara från Isadora kliar det inte alls i ögonen. Samtidigt ger den fin volym åt fransarna.

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