Pencil Sharpener Slim

  • An essential tool to sharpen IsaDora's slimmer pencils
  • Gives the pencils a softly sharp, precise tip
  • Includes blade cleaner and storage of shavings
Pencil Sharpener Slim Pencil Sharpener Slim


5.0 out of 2 reviews

Latest reviews

  • By Catherine Quinn 11 May 2021

    This sharpener has so far ruined 2 eye pencils, it simply doesn't work. It hacks at the pencils and leaves the nib unusable. I tried it on regular pencils too and it does the same thing to them. Very disappointed.

    Answered by IsaDora 21-10-01 11:46

    Hi, we're very sorry to hear that! We will take your input and forward it internally and look into the matter. Best Team IsaDora

  • By Gilbertsueks 02 November 2021

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