Nail Wonder 6-in-1 Nail Gel

  • Multifunctional convenience – just one product!
  • Base coat + Ridge filler – so color can bond on a smooth nail surface
  • Top coat + Super gloss – protects nails and provides long-wearing shine
  • Long wear + Protection – long-lasting color, shields from fading and flaking
09 Clear 09 Clear

This multi-functional 6-in-1 nail gel will help you achieve the ultimate manicure: easily and conveniently with just one product! Firstly, Nail Wonder 6-in-1 is a base coat that ensures your nail color bonds on to your nail. It is also a ridge filler that works to deliver a smooth nail surface so colors will brush on perfectly. Then, it is a long-wearing top coat that will protect your nails and provide gloss and shine. Finally, Nail Wonder 6-in-1 Nail Gel also extends the wear of your nail color, providing the ultimate shield from color fading and flaking.

Apply onto clean, dry nails. If applied as base or top coat, one coat is sufficient.
If applied on its own for a clear and natural look, two coats will certainly give the best results.


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  • By line 20 April 2023

    Använder som bas och topplack, jämnar ut och mitt nagellack håller längre

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