Unveiling the Canvas

Introducing a new member to the dream team for a long-wearing, matte and healthy complexion: The Matte Face Primer. A matte masterpiece offering the best in prep without compromising.

Elevate your Beauty Routine

Elevate your base routine with products that benefit your skin. Prep skin with The Matte Face Primer – the new go-to makeup essential with caring ingredients. Seamlessly paired with our No Compromise Lightweight Matte Foundation and Concealer, you'll attain a long-wearing, soft matte finish. This winning combination elevates your beauty routine effortlessly. 


Mastering the Matte 

The Matte Face Primer is a long-lasting, blurring essential with skincare benefits. This must-have primer preps and cares, creating a weightless, soft matte canvas with hydrating hyaluronic acid and toning caffeine. It lays the groundwork for a long-lasting matte finish. Apply at the end of your skincare routine and before your foundation. Massage into your skin and allow it to fully absorb.