Intense Eyeliner 24 hrs Wear 

  • superlanganhaltend und wasserfest
  • gleitet sanft über das Lid
  • Multitasker mit integriertem Anspitzer

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Vernetztes Silikonharz – sorgt für langen Halt und Komfort.

TRIMETHYLSILOXYSILICATE, SYNTHETIC WAX, HYDROGENATED POLYISOBUTENE, HYDROGENATED POLY (C6-14 OLEFIN), HYDROGENATED POLYDECENE, POLYBUTENE, SILICA SILYLATE, MICA, SYNTHETIC JAPAN WAX, ETHYLENE/PROPYLENE COPOLYMER, COPERNICIA CERIFERA CERA/COPERNICIA CERIFERA (CARNAUBA) WAX, PENTAERYTHRITYL TETRA-DI-T-BUTYL HYDROXYHYDROCINNAMATE, CI77499/IRON OXIDES, CI77491/IRON OXIDES, CI77492/IRON OXIDES, CI7751/FERRIC AMMONIUM FERROCYANIDE. Disclaimer This list of ingredients represents the formulation that is currently being supplied by us as a manufacturer, please note that it does not take into consideration possible previous/alternative versions available for sale. There is however printed list of ingredients on each individual product that is valid at all times, so we recommend that consumers always check ingredient list on product packaging for correct information of the content.

Mit diesem Eyeliner lassen sich die verschiedensten Looks kreieren. Ziehen Sie einen feinen Lidstrich, zaubern Sie einen klassischen Wing oder tragen Sie ihn auf der Wasserlinie für dichter wirkende Wimpern auf. Für einen leicht ausschattierten Smokey-Wing verblenden Sie den Eyeliner, bevor er sich mit der Haut verbindet. Spitzen Sie Ihren Eyeliner regelmäßig mit dem integrierten Anspitzer am anderen Stiftende an.


4,4 von 49 Bewertungen

Neuste Bewertungen

  • nach Kez200489 10 Mai 2019

    Fab to use long lasting 24hour wear easy glides along eyeline gives you intence colour smudge and waterproof great product to use would defrintly buy again and reccomend to family and friends fits nicely into handbag

  • nach Nicolajoanne83 11 Juni 2019

    I bought this eyeliner a week ago and I'm so happy I did. Unlike other eyeliners I've used before this is definalty my favourite it's easy to apply and is definitely intense nice and bold didnt have to go over to get more pigment and lasted all day without smudging even went to the gym and didnt wear out with sweating I am going to continue buying this as my go to eyeliner in future.

  • nach Rubez 31 Mai 2019

    This eyeliner comes in a twist pencil and has a little nib at the end. I like to use eyeliner in my waterline , it took a few attempts to get it to the intensity that I wanted it. I also tested it on my hand and it looked great, had a lovely glittery look . I can say it didnt last 24 hours

  • nach Kez1106 29 Mai 2019

    I’d never tried Isa Dora make up before but am really pleased I have given it a try. The intense 24 eyeliner is fab. It goes on well and stays in place. I’ve used other eyeliners that day they are 24 hours but haven’t lasted but this really does.

  • nach Kg268 29 Mai 2019

    I am not very good at applying eyeliner, but this was so easy to apply. It went on really easily. It is a really dark black which is great and whilst I didn't test it for 24 hours it did last all night!

  • nach Claire 27 Mai 2019

    I really rate this product. I wore it to a wedding most recently and it did not budge, even through tears! it goes on very nicely, you don't have to use much pressure. I would say it is not sharp enough for eye liner flicks, but it is perfect for doing the eye line. In terms of removal, it doesn't come off easy, but that is one of it's main features. a gentle bit of proper eye makeup remover does the trick. very good!

  • nach Ms Blue 22 Mai 2019

    This eyeliner was easy to use, gave a deep and intense colour. It lasted well three out the day. Applied evenly and glided over my skin as some eyeliners can snag. Very happy with this product and would recommend.

  • nach mage 22 Mai 2019

    Ok so I don't know if it's just that I am really bad at applying eyeliner, or if it's really that eyeliner, but anyway it doesn't work for me. I feel it's a bit to thick to do a fine line which is what I prefer, and also it doesn't stay for a long time, I had dark eyeliner all over my eyelids.

    beantwortet von IsaDora 20-02-21 10:33

    Hi Mage, Thank you for your comment, we have a wide range of eyeliners and would love for you to find one you love! We recommend that you try our Flex Tip Eyeliner instead if you are after a thin line, and a longlasting formula: We hope you like it! Best, Your IsaDora Team

  • nach Kt87 22 Mai 2019

    This is a lovely precision eyeliner! It creates a nice, clean line, stayed on all day, dried fast and didn’t smudge. I will definitely continue using this product and I love that it’s affordable. Well done!

  • nach Mistyjasmine03 22 Mai 2019

    This eyeliner is really easy to apply even with the shakiest of hands. The colour is strong and if enables me to get a strong point on my lids when lining them. The black isn't too harsh but it's enough to stand out.

  • nach Khaleesi 22 Mai 2019

    I am always on the lookout for a great eyeliner, and this is a great eyeliner!! I The colour pigment is fantastic, and it goes on very smoothly, it makes my eyes really stand out, I love this, and I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

  • nach Steaders 22 Mai 2019

    Eyeliner is my essential go to for a night out! This one although easy to apply and a good colour did smudge. Ivw worn it twice now and the 1st time it lasted my might out bit the second it smudged before I even got out the door! I will try again and see what happens next time.

  • nach Angelsocks588 21 Mai 2019

    I wear eyeliner every day. I have very small eyes and I need that definition to make my eyes stand out. This eyeliner did that. The finished product looked awesome and last almost all day. I only needed to touch up a couple of times. Very happy with this product.

  • nach Biedr81 20 Mai 2019

    I have used this eyeliner few times and I m very pleased with it. Easy to adjust ,apply and most important easy to remove. I do not have to use few tissues in comparison to other eyeliners that I used. Happy me!

  • nach Nemo 20 Mai 2019

    Loved this eyeliner. Comes sealed. Nice twist up type eyeliner pencil, giving precise strokes with pointy tip. Glides on well, smooth, did not stretch the eye lids. One firm stroke gives Intense line. I wore it to gym to try out in hot sweaty conditions and it did not smudge at all. I have small eyes so when I smile usually pencils smudge at the bottom lash and as I also have oily eyelids I get a smudge on the crease of the eyelids, but neither happened with this. Very happy with this, will definately buy once this one finishes and try other colours too.

  • nach Netty 20 Mai 2019

    This intense eyeliner 24 hour wear is easy to use goes on really easy to use. the black stands out really well. The eyeliner seems to not last 24 hours tho. I think I would buy this brand again and would recommend

  • nach RainbowWitchy 20 Mai 2019

    Perfect for my needs, so easy to apply and stays on for hours without having to re apply it, will be buying for myself once this one runs out as its the best i have found after all my years of searching.

  • nach Sheryet 19 Mai 2019

    I’m a big fan of eyeliner and have always used normal pencils in the past so this was slightly different and was not sure if could use it on my eyelid like I normally do. It is retractable and is more like an ink pen. It is very easy to use and goes on easily and doesn’t look too drawn on. I think this is because the tip is quite small which I like. Overall I really like this eyeliner, it is definitely one that I will buy in the future.

  • nach Annie12188 19 Mai 2019

    This IsaDora intense eyeliner is a must for fans of kohl kajal. I was extremely excited to use this due to it being sleek in packaging but also retractable. The eyeliner is very easy to use due to the soft texture which allows you to glide onto the eyes compared to pencil. I was really happy that this lasted a full day as previous eyeliners I have used would either smudge or lose the effect and therefore I would need to redo throughout the day. What I love most about this is that it is smudge free and waterproof which is a bonus. This will be my only go to eyeliner now.

  • nach Pkl88898 19 Mai 2019

    I don’t tend to wear pencil eyeliners on my eyes because they tend to smudge everywhere and look a mess by the end of the day but I have it a go with this and I’m really impressed. It has stayed on all day on my upper and lower lash line!!! The black is a really deep, matte black. It goes on really smooth, can be smudged as required but then seems to set in place and is pretty much smudge proof thereafter! And it’s retractable so no sharpening. The only thing I do struggle with is getting a really sharp point on my winged liner. However I love this and will definitely buy in the future.

  • nach Gturnbull59 18 Mai 2019

    I got this product a couple of weeks ago and I really like it. The pigment on the black is good and is easy to use. I particularly like the fact it retracts as I dont always have a sharpener. I used this on a night out and it lasted really well!

  • nach Bunnykins 17 Mai 2019

    I found the eyeline applies effortlessly along both my top and bottom waterline. It last most of the day but not sure if the 24hrs wear is 100% true as I have noticed panda eyes by the end of the day especially if it's a hot day. I would say it works and last much longer as a top liners than bottom due to this but will be good for a night out for a dramatic effect as it does stand out and has strong pigment for an intense look. It has a soft textured so easy to apply, and has a twist top so the liner has a fine tip for precise application.

  • nach Wallyah92 17 Mai 2019

    This eyeliner is easy to apply. The pencil is not too fat and the line is fine which gives a nice look once to draw. The pencil slides well and the line of eyeliner has a very good performance. This black eyeliner have a very deep black colour as well.

  • nach Abip 17 Mai 2019

    Lovely eyeliner and I would have given it 5 stars if it was a roller pencil instead of having to use a sharpener. Lovely to use and doesn’t run! It doesn’t smudge either and glides across the eye very well! Would highly recommend.

  • nach tonfitz 17 Mai 2019

    This is by far the best eyeliner I've have for a while. Others usually wear off gradually throughout the day. I wear contact lenses and struggle to find eyeliners that don't transfer onto my lenses, but this one I've had no problems with. Will definitely order more given that the price is brilliant!

  • nach JessLoves 16 Mai 2019

    I wear eyeliner most days for my general makeup and as my eyes water a lot. This eyeliner is easy to put on and I doesn’t feel itchy on my eyes. The finish is lovely and doesn’t smear. I really would buy this product

  • nach MrsO 16 Mai 2019

    I got the IsaDora Intense Eyeliner 24 hour wear in black and I couldn’t be happier! Unlike my previous kohl style pencil I love that this pencil is a wind up style as I was forever blunting my others when I replaced the lid. I also love the added feature of a built in sharpener at the end of the pencil, no need to be faffing in my makeup bag and shaving everywhere. The pencil also gives me the option of a thin line to my lashes or if I tilt it slightly a thicker line that I can also smudge out and smoke for a softer look. Great addition to my collection, will be purchasing in other colours!

  • nach Mrs_C 16 Mai 2019

    This eyeliner has beautiful packaging and sharpens really well, but I feel it goes on more like a grey than a black. I was a Goth when I was younger, so I really like eyeliner that goes on black black black, and I like it to go on easily and it stays on. I didn't get this feeling with this eyeliner, and even though I was reapplying I just wasn't happy. Sorry =(

  • nach Susie0127 15 Mai 2019

    I am always a bit weary of liquid eyeliners as I find they can smudge a lot. However this eyeliner blew my mind. It lasted all day and all night without smudging and I didn’t even have to top it up! It is jet black so works perfectly with any colour eyeliner. It’s easy to apply as well as easy to take off. The sharp tip of the pen used to apply the eyeliner helps to create flick shapes to the corner of the eye- great when I go on nights out. Fabulous product.

  • nach Oxford_Mama 15 Mai 2019

    Whilst the twist-up eyeliner is long lasting, I like to line my inner lower lash line and this product just isn’t up to the job. You can barely get it to make a mark and when it does, it’s a pale grey. I want intense black colour and I want to be able to use it in any way I want to. I was really disappointed with this.

    beantwortet von IsaDora 20-09-17 14:20

    Hi! For your lower lash line, including waterline - we would highly recommend Inliner Kajal instead. Best, Team IsaDora

  • nach J1501 15 Mai 2019

    I love this product, goes on so easily and stays put all day!it didn’t go patchy after it had been on a whole which I have found with other eyeliners yet came off easily enough with make up remover. I’d definitely recommend this to family and friends!

  • nach Clo_bcrt 14 Mai 2019

    This eyeliner is long lasting and matte. It easily last for a whole day without fading the slightest. The tip will help you achieve a cat eye on flick! It is really fast to create a wing without any mistakes, and I definitely recommand it.

  • nach Sam86 14 Mai 2019

    As a standard eyeliner it was nice, it has a sharpener built in which was a bonus and it nice to apply, but it didn't survive 12hrs so definitely wouldn't buy this again or use it if I needed it to last all day.

  • nach Riri2311 14 Mai 2019

    I’ve never tried eyeliner but my daughter said give it a go, well I was very please it was easy to apply and looked amazing and lasted for ever, when it came to taking the liner of it came of nicely using a wipe, so eyeliner is now worn every day

  • nach ashak1984 14 Mai 2019

    The IsaDora Eyeliner comes in a small think pencil, perfect for popping in your handbag for work. It has a creamy texture which glides on easily and the colour pops out as very intense. The eyeliner lasted me throughout the day especially during a very humid and hot day. It did leave a few smudges though which i had to clear up. Bonus factor that it has a pencil sharpener in the cap. Overall a good eyeliner

  • nach Lubyloo 14 Mai 2019

    If you love a strong eye liner that doesn't smudge (hardly) this one is perfect. I like the intense look and this definitely does the job. It is very easy to apply and no need for a sharpener! I would highly recommend!

  • nach Senior93 13 Mai 2019

    This is now my go to eyeliner! Its brilliant! It lasts all day and tbh the morning after too! Ha. Very easy to apply and very prominent colour! The twist up feature is great, means no more sharpening! Absolutely love it! Would definitely recommend to a friend!

  • nach Tamsin 13 Mai 2019

    I usually use a pencil eyeliner but I thought I'd give this a go as it falls somewhere between liquid wand and pencil. It's a good eyeliner and certainly someone with more talent than me could do wonders with it! However, it's not only not waterproof it literally makes you look like a mess if you cry with it on. I watched a sad film and honestly looked like I'd gone through a bad breakup!! So be aware that's it's not what to where to an emotional wedding

  • nach LizzyR37 13 Mai 2019

    I have recently come across Isadora intense eyeliner and I'm really impressed. It lasts all day without smudging and without having to reaply. Lovely simple packaging, the eyeliner twists up so no sharpening required which is a huge plus. I would highly recommend to everyone, definitely worth trying if your looking for eyeliner that lasts.

  • nach TanyaC 13 Mai 2019

    This eyeliner is great. It applies really nicely and stays. No smudging or running and lasts perfectly all day long until you remove it. Certainly the best eyeliner I have used! I would definitely recommend it!!!

  • nach Igak 13 Mai 2019

    Perfect for smudging on the top and bottom lashline. Does not come off throughout the day. It’s very black and not too dry. Very vibrant black. Perfect for the waterline as well. Absolutely perfect for that lazy eye look with just a bit of definition.

  • nach SheerMagic 13 Mai 2019

    I used INTENSE EYELINER 24HRS WEAR for the first time last week and was surprised to see it actually lasted very long. It was really easy and smooth to apply , applied it in just one stroke and gives a intense look. Really happy with it.

  • nach Dawnbutterfly10 13 Mai 2019

    Another great product loved this as much as the water proof mascara, easy to apply and again lasted all day even in the pouring rain, the texture was good and I didn't feel like I was wearing it at all. This product is definitely one on my shopping list and will be highly recommended aswell as the mascara to family friends awesome

  • nach Ciaraann21 13 Mai 2019

    I’d highly reccommend the intense 24hours wear eyeliner from Isadora. I found the smoky black of the eyeliner to be a brilliantly black eyeliner with long lasting staying power. The eyeliner glides onto the skin leaving no pull or drag lines as you can usually find with a creamy eyeliner. The colour was the blackest if blacks and didn’t fade to a chalky grey as some black eyeliners do. I found the formula was long lasting and lasted all day and well to the end of the night. The formula was easy to remove and came off with my usual cleansing and toning routine. Overall I was very impressed with this eyeliner and intend to continue to use it long into the future.

  • nach CiCi 12 Mai 2019

    I love the fact this isn't a liquid and so the fear of it drying up goes completely out the window. It's the perfect colour and gives off a fantastic bold finish. The small pencil like feature allows for a smooth application making flicks an easy task.

  • nach Razina93 12 Mai 2019

    24 hour eyeliner and waterproof. I have found it is difficult to apply and need a lot of build up. It has a nice pointed pen which is easy to use and a sharper. The packaging is sleek and smart. However , I have found it is not the easiest to use

  • nach Samantha 12 Mai 2019

    This a great eyeliner. Goes on really smoothly and goes one nice a bold without having to go over it loads. It lasts well too. You could definitely still tell I was wearing eyeliner by the end of the day.

  • nach Jaybelevee 11 Mai 2019

    I've always had issues finding an eyeliner that is dark enough, applies easily and stays on for long periods of time as I have issues with sweating it off or ending up with panda eyes and have spent years trying multiple different eyeliners and can honestly say this is one of the only eyeliners that is true to its word it's is so highly pigmented so dark, looks amazing on, easy to apply and sharpen (built in sharpener can be pulled out of the base) and it lasted all day easily with only a little smudging towards the end of the day which honestly just added to the look by that point anyway so all in all a fantastic product and a 100% must have for any eyeliner lovers this product has changed the way I view eyeliner! Absolutely Fantastic! ❤️

  • nach Kez200489 10 Mai 2019

    Fab to use long lasting 24hour wear easy glides along eyeline gives you intence colour smudge and waterproof great product to use would defrintly buy again and reccomend to family and friends fits nicely into handbag

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