Perfect Moisture Lipstick Refill

  • Highly pigmented and comfortable color that lasts
  • 24 flattering shades includes creamy and pearly finishes ·       Re-fillable aluminum packaging so you can re-fill your favorite shade over and over. ·       Lush passion fruit seed oil helps soften for a caring ultra-comfortable feel.

With a decade of being a top-seller – Perfect Moisture Lipstick is now iconic. Hydrating, highly pigmented and infused with lip-loving ingredients, gliding across lips with creamy comfort.
The range of 24 flattering shades includes creamy and pearly finishes leaving lips comfortably hydrated. One swipe loads your lips with attitude and impeccable, moisturizing color.
Now with a more sustainable option:
re-fillable packaging.

• Lush passion fruit seed oil helps soften for a non-drying, ultra-comforting feel.

1.     Remove your used Perfect Moisture Lipstick shade refill from the case by pulling the neck upwards.
2.     Insert your new lipstick shade refill into the base with a click, keeping the color indication upwards. Make sure the neck is fully connected to the base.
 3.     Replace the old color indicator with the new one. (Use the old one to cover the empty refill before recycling it.)
 4.     Your Perfect Moisture Lipstick is now complete. Twist the neck and enjoy your new favorite shade.

For a fuller and more defined pout, start by lining your lips with All-in-One Lipliner before applying Perfect Moisture Lipstick. To pair your lipstick for the best color match, follow our guide.


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