Colorful Eyeliner

  • Hållbar, snabbtorkande formula
  • Rikt pigmenterad formula med behaglig textur
  • Lätt att applicera med hög precision – skapa valfri look med den smala applikatorn
12 Dark Brown 12 Dark Brown

Låt dina ögon vara i fokus med den här superprecisa, rikt pigmenterade flytande eyelinern som ger en fyllig, hållbar färg. Den långvariga, snabbtorkande formulan glider på lätt för en väldefinierad, jämn och bekväm finish. Den speciella, tunna applikatorspetsen ger en lätt applicering med hög precision. Det ger dig flexibilitet att skapa önskad look, oavsett om du vill måla en supertunn linje eller en bredare, dramatisk eyelinervinge.

Börja i ögats inre vrå och måla längs franslinjen. Avsluta med en vinge i den yttre ögonvrån.


4,5 av 52 Recensioner

Senaste recensionerna

  • Av Emmymck 10 maj 2019

    Love this liquid eyeliner it's dainty so can easily fit into ur bag on a night out, it's also jet black which is what I look for in an eyeliner, the applicator is perfect for pressision and easily to use it is soft and flexible so u can get that perfect wing very fast drying it is definately my go to liquid eyeliner

  • Av Sara124 10 maj 2019

    Got this Isadora eyeliner today, really likes the intensity of the black colour and how easy it is to draw a perfect line, the brush thickness is just right and the coverage is good, only downside is that i felt a burning sensation as soon as i applied it to my skin hence the 4 stars

  • Av Fen95 10 maj 2019

    I just tried the colorful eye liner & OMG it’s amazing easy to apply & very bold black which is great too as it hard to find some eye liners what are bold black amazing product all together deffo recommend to friends & family!

  • Av Ajammy 06 juni 2019

    I’ve been using this product about a month now and I have to admit it’s AMAZING I seem to suffer from shakey hands when ever I go near my eyes to do anything but this went on so easy and precise the handle was nice to hold sturdy and give a great line without being to heavy and lasted all day very impressed

  • Av Nemo 05 juni 2019

    This black eyeliner is great for everyday wear to work etc. Colour is good, jet black, however when it dries, it dries to a dark matte black, rather than a glossy black. I prefer a glossy look and not matte. But still looks pow if you were to go for a cat-eye look. The formula is great, not runny, one stroke gives good coverage. This type of eyeliner tip applicator is perfect for newbies who want to test our different styles. Pro's will just find it easy to swipe and go, no need to go over and over. Only thing is that I can't work out if it is waterproof as the container does not say so, so I am not sure. But with a good makeup remover it comes off fine in one swipe. I would definately like to try different colours and waterproof jet black glossy types for sure.

  • Av Charmain59 04 juni 2019

    I don’t normally use liquid eyeliner because I always get it in my eyes but this brand was easy to use and looked great.i am now open to using this when I don’t have my regular eye pencil available as it’s just as good

  • Av Immense 31 maj 2019

    I love love love this eyeliner! When i first opened it i was expecting it to not be too good due to the type of brush on it - they usually hurt or are messy. BUT I was pleasantly surprised as not only did it not hurt, but it gave the perfect thickness line for me with no need for tidy ups! It also lasted all day. I shall definitely be looking into using this again.

  • Av KatyI 28 maj 2019

    I’m a bit of a novice with black eyeliner but I have been seeing friends getting really great looks from eyeliner and this product looked so cool I was keen to give it a go, I didn’t really know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to hold and how the line was very crisp and thin, so I was able to work up to a more dramatic look without overdoing it! That was so helpful especially as I got used to evening out the line on each eye so they were symmetrical. The only drawback, and the reason I give it 4 instead of 5 stars is that when I absentmindedly brushed the outside corner of my eye it all really smears, and when I come to remove it in the evening it takes a lot of working over to remove.

  • Av mihaelaratiu 27 maj 2019

    I really like this eyeliner. It has a brush that helps you a lot if you are a beginner. I used the black color, which is intense. If you make some mistakes, it clears very easily. That's why it's great for beginners. it resisted me very well on the eyelid for 10 hours.

  • Av Gem85 25 maj 2019

    This is a great eyeliner it is really easy to apply, I used it on my eyelids, I didn’t need to reapply and it didn’t smudge at all. It’s a great dark black and didn’t fade over the day. Great product.

  • Av twinmummysara 24 maj 2019

    I recieved my product a few weeks ago and must say it is so easy to apply, it is smooth and very precise so you can apply thin or thick lines with ease. I found that the eyeliner did not smudge and lasted well.

  • Av Louise 22 maj 2019

    Went on well and didn't smudge, made my eyes stand out and lasted all day, good product in general but only criticism is that it faded somewhat throughout the day but other than than it's a good eye liner

  • Av BERNICE 22 maj 2019

    Super quality eyeliner. Easy to use. I normally use pencil which doesn't stay on all day and mess up my eye, however this eyeliner stays on all the time and doesn't wear off during the day. I will definitely recommend this to family and friends.

  • Av lloya1 21 maj 2019

    Good product that is easy to apply, dries quickly and also able to remove without any fuss using make up remover wipes. Would happily recommend this product to other users looking for a good quality eye liner.

  • Av VixDaSpirit 21 maj 2019

    Thought I would try this Eyeliner as had problems with finding one that didn’t give me a reaction, Am Rather impressed it may be small and compact in size but it’s Totally bold, easy to apply and lasted a night out too.. very pleased plus Great to just pop it in your purse in case of emergency

  • Av godiva21 21 maj 2019

    This is the very best eye liner I have ever found. I have a problem with most brands running or smudging throughout the day and this stuff stays right where you put it!Easy to draw a thin line ,Even if you shed a tear or two, this product stays in place. I have sensitive eyes and it’s not irritation at all. I will be purchasing more when it runs out. The brush is great, the colour is strong and bold and holds very well. I only apply it most after using eyeshadow and the color is still strong and opaque.

  • Av eloquence3 21 maj 2019

    I'll start by admitting my hand is probably not steady enough for me to have purchased this product - but with practice, I love the effect. The brush itself actually has soft flexibility without being too flimsy so it gives you a good amount of control.

  • Av Kats 21 maj 2019

    I was looking forward to using this but was quite disappointed. It's very basic, the colour was quite washey, and didn't go on very smoothly. The design is quite basic too. It didn't last all day long either

  • Av Ellyrarg 20 maj 2019

    Goes on like a dream (though it still smudges a bit if you accidentally touch it while it’s wet, but once it’s dry it’s perfect). I’ve gone both subtle and extreme wings and it was easy to apply and build. Love it, would definitely recommend!

  • Av Sazz 20 maj 2019

    I really like this eyeliner, it's got a nice tip so easy to apply a thin line. Doesn't smudge like some other eye liners. Need to use eye-make up remover pads to take off but easy to correct if mistake is made.

  • Av Midnight1 19 maj 2019

    I have been using this for a week now and it’s better than I thought it would be. It doesn’t make my eyes water or itch. It’s easy to apply but does take about five minutes to dry, the brush is a fine point which gives you accuracy when applying. You need to be careful if you rub your eyes as it does come off and is easily smudged.

  • Av J1985 18 maj 2019

    I really like this product,such a great colour too.It is easy to apply and gives a striking look.It lasted me all day without coming off,was also very easy to wipe off at the end of the day.Would highly recommend :)

  • Av jwilke123 16 maj 2019

    This eyeliner if the best I have come across yet! It is easy to apply and gives defined lines. It is also easily removed should a mistake be made when applying. I have used this on a daily basis and once applied has lasted all day long without having to reapply. The bottle it self has a screw top lid which is easy to open and seal back up. Highly Recommended.

  • Av Komqas 16 maj 2019

    I used 10 Black, this is the nice black shade, the applicator is perfect for me, I really like the tip, it is easy to draw thin or thick line according to my mood. The thickness and consistency is good too, it is very pigmented and glides smoothly. It smudge easily, you have to be very careful when applying as it would spread everywhere but once it is dry you would be fine.

  • Av Zay121 16 maj 2019

    Wow this is amazing. One of the best black eyeliners I’ve ever had. I’ve tried many brands but this hands down is the most pigmented and has the most lasting power. It helps create such amazing dramatic looks. I wear it every day. Doesn’t smudge off. Definitely recommend.

  • Av Skhnm 15 maj 2019

    I would absolutely recommend this Isa Dora black liquid eyeliner. Being a newbie at applying topliner, this eyeliner makes the process a whole lot easier. The colour is very dark and thick and the brush is a perfect size to give you a defined line. It applies well and is easy to remove or clean up any mistakes. Is also long lasting and does not fade or smudge during the day. Purchase this if you want a nice glossy smooth line!!!

  • Av Laura02917 15 maj 2019

    This eye liner is great, it was a great bold colour and left my eyes looking dramatic. The little thin brush made it so easy to apply. The product is of a nice smooth and thin consistency which also makes applying so easy. The only down side is it took a while to dry and i had to keep my eyes shut otherwise it come off above my eyes. But once on it lasted all day.

  • Av lauralou 15 maj 2019

    I wear liquid liner on a daily basis and I’ve not found one I’m really wowed by in the last few years. This is now my wow one, I really like this. The packaging is neat and compact and the wand is perfect for me to apply, it’s hard and sturdy which means I can draw the perfect shape. It doesn’t smudge and is a lovely deep black. So pleased I’ve tried it.

  • Av Susie0127 15 maj 2019

    This eyeliner gives extra coverage whilst being comfortable to wear. It’s application is smooth and never becomes cloggy. I love the intense black colour and the fact that the sharp tip to the brush applicator allows for both thin and thick lines to be create different on the eyelid. You could also use it for beauty spots if preferred. It lasts all day and is definately worth it! As well as being easy to apply it all wipes off so simple.

  • Av Sazlina 15 maj 2019

    In order to really put the IsaDora colourful eyeliner through its paces I decided to wear this (in black) for a wedding, and it did not disappoint! I applied the eyeliner with ease around Midday, I didn’t have to touch up once and was still looking fab twelve hours later! It’s got a harder tip than I am used to, however, after a couple of practice attempts I learned where best to rest my hand, and by the time I had finished it was the best my eyes have looked for a long time, and this was definitely in part because of the thin line you can achieve and the pigment means you don’t have to keep going over the line to achieve a deep black. I’m genuinely impressed!

  • Av Footgmum 15 maj 2019

    I used this at the weekend my daughter did my make up for me but it did take a couple of applications on the second eye you need to keep dipping it back into its tub which makes it quite annoying and long to do. We had to re do my eyes as they were different shades. The next day we tried again knowing this and it was alot better and quicker. It does last well and doesn't smudge so that's good overall the eye liner is good with practice for use and has a good tip on it for presision.

  • Av Charlotte 15 maj 2019

    I am Very happy with this eyeliner. It stays on all day unlike others I have used in the past and provides a good coverage with just one application. I will definitely use this again - very impressed.

  • Av Summers17 15 maj 2019

    This eyeliner goes on great, It's such a nice simple design, it's small and compact so can fit in anyones bag no matter the size and the colour is long lasting without smudging which is great for them busy days

  • Av Mayraj 15 maj 2019

    when looking at the roduct was very small. opened it and thought looks good and when I actually used it it was so good . i like the fact that you could put it at think as you want and even thicken it on your eyes. I liked it and its a brand i would consider buying as its o good and applies on in one go and is not a hassle. You can apply it on with perefection and does not smudge. very light and able to put in my bag and can use anywhere when needed. My daughter is after it as she likes it but told her that its mine and woud stay in my bag.

  • Av Faz84 15 maj 2019

    I got this product for myself I’m very impressed it’s a lovely strong black and last long once applied. It’s nice and compact so fits well in my make up bag. Easy to apply and great looking will be buying again

  • Av KirstyC 15 maj 2019

    I’ve never used a liquid eyeliner before and thought I would give it a whirl. With the brush it is so easy to apply it was great. The colour didn’t dull as I was applying and like the fact it can easily be removed also.

  • Av Hanani 15 maj 2019

    This eyeliner is so easy to use and apply. I was a little dubious as I've only ever used pencils but I'm a total convert. Really easy to get great results. Lovely bold, deep black colour makes it really stand out and it lasts really well. No issues at all and I would highly recommend to anyone in need of a new one.

  • Av Saffy 15 maj 2019

    I bought this eyeliner a couple of days ago and used it in replace of my old one and I was shocked to how easy it glides on and the tip of the eyeliner brush is so good it's hard to get it wrong with it I would highly recommend this product it's by far the best.

  • Av Ashliejane 15 maj 2019

    This liquid liner is very good, it was easy for me use, didnt flake during the day like some do and doesnt really smudge either. I love how the tip enables me to do a really thin line if i want and enables me to do perfect neat flicks.

  • Av Sam86 14 maj 2019

    This eyeliner was nice and easy to apply, and has a strong black colour but faded like all the other eyeliners out there so as a bog standard eyeliner it's alright. I probably wouldn't buy it again as I prefer something that lasts.

  • Av Gabriettawow 14 maj 2019

    I love this product. I am not a professional when putting on eyeliner, however this product is so easy to use. Depending on how thick you want the look will depend on how much pressure you put on it when applying. I was able to apply lovely smooth thin lines which beats using the pencils or pens.

  • Av Jojo88 13 maj 2019

    i love this product is easy to apply and blends easy is nice and shiny don't make your eye lid feel heave nice size to pop in my makeup bag lasted all night long only down side is would have been nice if came with its own applicator

  • Av Cezzabelle 13 maj 2019

    Used this product twice and so easy to apply. I need glasses close up but even without them I could apply on a straight line. Stays on all day and doesn’t smudge. Draws both thin and thick lines for different looks

  • Av Shivy 13 maj 2019

    I had only seen this product online so I was surprised it looked smaller than I was expecting when it arrived! However a little goes a long way so I expect it will still last a while. The brush has a nice sharp tip for thin lines and it went on easily. I usually use a pencil eyeliner and this liquid one took a little longer to dry than I thought so I ended up smudging it first attempt but overall I am pretty happy with this product.

  • Av Abbiemmihell94 13 maj 2019

    I usally use Rommel liquid eyeliner and have done for years, never found one that works aswell. Then I tried this Isa Dora Liquid eyeliner. It is easy to apply, you need two coats/layers to give it a black colour as if not it’s a grey. It last all day. The only ‘issues’ is that when it comes to removing it you have to use a good eye make up remover as it doesn’t come off easily.

  • Av Raniasufi 12 maj 2019

    This has been my most used eyeliner since I got it, the wand is very thin and the shade is pure black and the texture is very watery kind but has a very intense colour. Which I am absolutely obsessed with. I can easily create thin liner or go bold with it.. so you can definitely multi task with the eyeliner thanks to its thin applicator .. love it

  • Av Eva77 12 maj 2019

    I use eyeliner daily and this one is fab. Gone are the days of trying to apply blunt pencil liners, this one is like a felt pen and it just glides on. Minimal smudging and also lasts a good few hours before I need to reapply

  • Av Tara 11 maj 2019

    This is the first time i used this brand and I can happily say this is the best eyeliner. It's so smooth to put on .usually I find hard to 7se liquid eyeliner bit this one is so easy to use .it's waterproof and stay for long .it's dries very fast .it had a flexible and pointed applicator to make it possible to draw a fine line or broad line .it's little bit shiny which I really love it .

  • Av Emmymck 10 maj 2019

    Love this liquid eyeliner it's dainty so can easily fit into ur bag on a night out, it's also jet black which is what I look for in an eyeliner, the applicator is perfect for pressision and easily to use it is soft and flexible so u can get that perfect wing very fast drying it is definately my go to liquid eyeliner

  • Av Sara124 10 maj 2019

    Got this Isadora eyeliner today, really likes the intensity of the black colour and how easy it is to draw a perfect line, the brush thickness is just right and the coverage is good, only downside is that i felt a burning sensation as soon as i applied it to my skin hence the 4 stars

  • Av Fen95 10 maj 2019

    I just tried the colorful eye liner & OMG it’s amazing easy to apply & very bold black which is great too as it hard to find some eye liners what are bold black amazing product all together deffo recommend to friends & family!

  • Av Lena 22 april 2023

    Supernöjd och bra pris!

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