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Twist-Up Gloss Stick

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För de dagar då du har svårt att välja mellan ett krämigt läppstift och ett skinande läppglans är den stora härliga pennan Twist-up Gloss Stick det perfekta valet, eftersom det är ett mellanting av de två. Den är lätt att applicera och ger en fin färg och glans. Dess mjuka krämiga formula innehåller dessutom squalane som återfuktar, verkar utfyllande och gör läpparna släta och fasta. Allt för ett extra kyssvänligt resultat.

Squalane – en naturlig olja som bidrar till att motverka uttorkning och återställa hudens spänst.

Skruva upp pennan för läppfärg och applicera. Lägg ett extra lager för att bevara fukt och fyllighet.


4,5 av 52 Recensioner

Senaste recensionerna

  • Av Fl2012 07 juni 2019

    I love the colour of this gloss stick I’m just a bit dissopointed that it really doesn’t last that long. It’s hydrating on my lips and leaves them feeling so soft which I love. I love that it’s not sticky like a lipgloss but it’s not as heavy as a lipstick. It’s a great addition to any make up bag and I’m glad to have it in mine

  • Av Tanyel 06 juni 2019

    I was abit skeptical at first thinking this would just be like a giant lip liner but it really isn’t. It’s so smooth and moisturising aswell as giving my lips a lovely colour. So much product in one stick. Tip is not too big and lines as well as colours my lip lovely. Love the colour!

  • Av NidV 03 juni 2019

    This twist up lip gloss stick is creamy and moisturizing with just a hint of shine. It glides easily across the lips and makes them look plump. I have it in Toffee Pop and sadly the colour is light for me as I have slightly darker lips but would be lovely for someone who is paler. Also the colour does not stay for long so I have to keep reapplying it but it still leaves the lips nicely hydrated if not reapplied. I would definitely buy this in a different shade.

  • Av gemmahoward 01 juni 2019

    I was a little dissapointed with this, the colour didn't look as nice on my lips as it did on the stick, it looked too light on lips and I had to apply quite a lot for it to be noticeable. It did glide smoothly and my lips felt lovely and soft.

  • Av Wanna2896 31 maj 2019

    I absolutely loved this gloss stick. The colour is lovely with a hint of sparkle. Goes on smoothly, no stickiness to it. Leaves your lips with a lovely sheen and keeps them soft. I had lots of comments when wearing and friends have gone in to purchase since. Defiantly recommended.

  • Av Ajammy 30 maj 2019

    I absolutely love love love this this isadora shade 01 toffee pop it smells gorgeous and it is so easy to use without feeling like you are going around your natural lip line to much it gives a beautiful full look and lasts for s while I only felt the need to top up x2 while at work

  • Av Stax 29 maj 2019

    I am very fussy with lip gloss I don't like the shiny sticky gloss. This is amazing it's a subtle gloss look and the colour matched my lips perfect.tberss no messy applicator had plenty of compliments I will definitely be buying this again

  • Av kate1 28 maj 2019

    A great lip gloss stick in a really good colour. Perfect to keep in your hand bag for extra touch ups throughout the day. Was easy to twist the gloss stick. The gloss wasn't at all sticky and gave a good shimmer to my lips.

  • Av Gem85 25 maj 2019

    This is a lovely shade and goes on really smoothly and feels lovely on my lips not sticky at all, my only criticism would be that it does need reapplying regularly to keep the colour. But it’s compact enough to keep in your bag.

  • Av MicheBee 25 maj 2019

    Wow this is my new best friend. I had never purchased IsaDora cosmetics before but a friend had mentioned How wonderful they were. Well the Twist up Gloss Stick is truly amazing and I'm so glad I have it. I have the 01 Toffee Pop and the color is so lovely. It is super glossy, it plumps my lips up and makes them look fuller, and if feels so lovely and moisturising on the lips. I'm not without it now and I'm constantly putting it on because it actually smells amazing and almost toffee like. I'd highly reccomend. I will be buying more shades very soon

  • Av Shivy 24 maj 2019

    I have used a similar product to this in the past by a different company so I was used to the pencil-shaped stick and it works well for me. The first few applications are sharp but it blunts a bit after a few uses, that's okay though because it's just a nice hint of colour and doesn't need sharp lines.

  • Av Starmeadow 23 maj 2019

    The gloss stick is easy to apply and leaves your lips soft and nourished. Unfortunately, for me, it didn't stay on for long. I've worn it with and without a lip oil underneath, but it didn't seem to make any difference. It's a shame, as I really like the colour I have and it's one I don't normally wear.

  • Av Kezzer 22 maj 2019

    I love this if your looking for glossy great moisturised lips with a pop of colour this is amazing goes on easy lasts all day feels lovely on soft shiny lips will defiantly be using this all the time highly recommend

  • Av Ellen79 22 maj 2019

    I have never tried isadora products before and I'm so happy I've tried this. The isadora twist - up glow stick comes in a lovely pencil with a twist at the bottom. Putting this onto my lips it really is so so soft and has a gorgeous creamy feel texture, it glides onto your lips and is so easy to apply. After applying I found my lips did feel more plumped and looked more fuller which for me was and is fantastic as I have thin lips. The colour lasts a long time and naked your lops shine and look amazing, it doesn't make your lips feel heavy or greasey at all. I would recommend to people with thin lips or to anyone wanting a fuller more outstanding lip.

  • Av Fiona 76 22 maj 2019

    I am so pleased to have got this lip gloss. The colour when applied was really nice. To me it is a natural colour and would probably appeal to most people. The added bonus it made my lips feel nice and soft when applied. The only down side to it is that you had to reapply regularly during the day, especially after eating and drinking.

  • Av BERNICE 22 maj 2019

    This is a perfect Toffee colour it stays on most of the day with only a slight touch needed later in the day. May lips doesn't piled off which is a great bonus for me. The colour share is amazing, I have received lots of compliments

  • Av BeautyMummy 20 maj 2019

    The quality of this lip crayon is phenomenal, the packaging is really pretty and strong (doesn't feel at all flimsy when twisting to extend the crayon) Without it looking too thick it applies and nourishes so well, unlike other lip crayons with just a few gentle swipes the colour/moisturize really stays. The colour I chose was absolutely stunning too!

  • Av Steph28 20 maj 2019

    I absolutely love this product, its a gorgeous shade and goes on lovely too. Its not sticky or messy but has a lovely sheen/wet look to it. I got alot of compliments on the colour. I will deffinately be buying this again.

  • Av NellyJWP 20 maj 2019

    I had high hopes for this as I'm not a huge wearer of lip colour so wanted something a bit more than lip balm but not as much coverage as regular gloss or lipstick. The stick looks great and seemed easy to apply and felt nice going on but I just couldn't get a smooth finish. It ended up really patchy and gave the effect of having put on lip liner really badly. It also had a lot of sparkle in it which I wasn't expecting so was way too sparkly for me to wear in the day. I just really didn't get on with it at all unfortunately.

  • Av tricia84 18 maj 2019

    I'm not usually a fan of gloss as it can be too high shine and sticky but this was exactly what I was looking for. Subtle gloss in a lovely nude/pink colour and I really liked the pencil style application. The only criticism I have is that I had to reapply it quite often

  • Av Sarahclaymay 18 maj 2019

    I have been using this daily once getting it! It’s a beautiful colour, its natural but with slight colour, Smells great, Doesn’t taste horrible like some do, Love how I can twist up when running low, Makes my lips very soft!

  • Av Becci2403 17 maj 2019

    So happy with this, it gives a hint of colour and full moisture. Defo a must buy for anyone!! Does have a slight smell but it smells of the toffee colour so I don't mind. Non sticky which is a bonus too

  • Av Jess88 17 maj 2019

    This product is great I love it, I had it in toffee pop and the colour is gorgeous, it goes on so nicely and it was nice that I could choose how dark I wanted it by adding a couple of layers or if I just wanted it to be subtle just put on one coat it also lasts for hours without being sticky.

  • Av Laura2019 17 maj 2019

    I love this glossy lip colour! It feels very moisturising and hydrating on my lips and it has a lovely creamy texture. The gloss is s really high shine without being sticky. It would be great if it lasted a little longer between applications.

  • Av Jrow2 16 maj 2019

    I really like this lip gloss. It is a lovely subtle colour. Not at all overpowering and adds a nice shine to my lips. It is also very moisturising so where sometimes I moisturise my lips before adding lip gloss, this does both as well as adding colour. A great product. The only downside for me is that it is not long lasting so I need to keep reapplying which is not great when I’m busy.

  • Av Vulcan78 16 maj 2019

    I got this a week ago and really wanted to try it out, It applies really nicely. Its compact so great for on the go. Colour sits nice and if you blot it stays a lot longer. A little transferred when applied normally but not a great deal. Colour is nice and not heavy at all.

  • Av EWOOD 16 maj 2019

    This is nice but personally it didnt quite go with my skin tone as I wanted it to. Goes on well and lasts nicely. Not too thick but gives decent coverage. Just not my prefer ace on colour! Would look at other shades

  • Av Lozaxdx33 16 maj 2019

    Amazed by this twist up gloss stick, makes my lips feels nice and moistured I have instant plumped up lips which Is fantastic as my lips are quite thin, feels really nice on and it's great lasting wear

  • Av Ravenangel43$ 15 maj 2019

    This has become my favourite nude lippie. It has a glossy sheen, feels lovely on the lips and very moisterising. It smells pretty good too. The colour is great for both day and night depending on what look you want to achieve. To say i've never used a product by them before I am extremely happy with the quality and result of this gloss stick. Definately gonna be getting more and certainly encourages me to try other make up products by this brand. Love it!!

  • Av Alixboo 15 maj 2019

    This moisturising lip gloss is wonderful! It smells really lovely when applied. The colour is just enough to make it ok for day wear and transition for a night look! It keeps your lips lovely and hydrated without the sticky feel! Will be looking at getting the other colours in this now

  • Av Jezynka 15 maj 2019

    This is the first time ever I have used this brand although I have been aware of it for a long time. The texture is divine and it stays on my lips for a long time. I do like the colour and would definitely buy it in other colours. Highly recommended.

  • Av Chan bee 15 maj 2019

    I have tanned indian skin and this is a perfect shade of nude/pink for me. The gloss is nice and not too sticky like some lip glosses usually are. Used this on a night out and perfect size for my clutch bag. Very happy with this product and twist up is really easy to use. Smells really nice too!

  • Av Leeannextx 15 maj 2019

    The smell of this is amazing and the colour is ok too. I felt it did not last as long as I would have liked, however I find glossy ones tend to not last as much as Matt. The colour is lovely and with some touch ups during the day it’s great.

  • Av sylvia88 15 maj 2019

    I was extremely satisfied with the quality and product overall. It gives a light gloss if applied once as well as can be build up for more intense colour. Colour doesn't get together in one place but applies evenly across all lips and stays there. Really hydrating so can be used by anyone addicted to lip balm. Not to forget about the lovely toffee/choc smell. Packaging is great too and can fit anywhere. My favourite gloss stick from now on!

  • Av Hanani 15 maj 2019

    I really like this colour. Adds a bit of subtle class and shine to your lips. I was a little disappointed as it's advertised as moisturizing and it felt great at first but didn't take long for my lips to feel like they were drying out which I find with most products. The stick design is really easy to use and apply though.

  • Av Happymom 15 maj 2019

    Finally have a gloss stick that has the right colour for me :) Toffee pop not only looks great on but also smells amazing. Felt great on my lips and isn't sticky like others I've tried. Would recommend trying it

  • Av Loulabelle 14 maj 2019

    I love this as an everyday gloss, it isn’t sticky or cakey but glides on and lasts a goid few hours. When you are ready to reapply the crayon style makes it easy to add another layer of this great gloss! I’m looking forward to trying this in various others colours as it’s a great staple gloss to keep in your handbag.

  • Av J3n1109 14 maj 2019

    This is a shade darker than what I would usually go for but I love the colour so thought let me give it a go. Its moisturising whilst also keeps the colour in tact for hours. Perfect for the almost natural look and you do not need to keep reapplying as it lasts ages! Would definitely use this brand again for gloss sticks.

  • Av Mommyof6 14 maj 2019

    It’s a good lip gloss not that much colour to it on my lips it’s a bit pale looking on me but it is amazingly moisturising on my lips leaves my lips hydrated therefore I use it as a gloss with a nude lip liner I would love to try other shades

  • Av Bex2462 14 maj 2019

    Love the feel of this gloss on my lips, not too sticky, glides on perfectly, lasts well even when on a night out and eating! Love the subtle colour, very natural looking - will definitely try in other shades.

  • Av KirstyC 14 maj 2019

    I didn’t quite know what to expect when I tried this as I’m normally a matte lip look kind of girl. But I loved the way it went on and my lips felt moisturised with a slight tint of colour. I feel the colour doesn’t stay on as long as others but it also doesn’t make your lips dry out

  • Av Coconutty 14 maj 2019

    I've got this in the Toffee Pop colour and it is fantastic. It smells and tastes like toffee and the colour is great on me. I'm quite pale and don't suit bold colours, so this glossy, pinky beige shade is perfect for me. I often find that lip gloss doesn't last very long on me but I applied this in the morning and it still looked great after two cups of coffee. It twists up easily so doesn't ever need sharpening and is a lovely chunky pencil design. I'll definitely be buying more of these.

  • Av Rudigucci 14 maj 2019

    Im normally a lipstick girl and not tried much lipgloss in the past. It was so quick and easy to apply and the colour was really nice. It gave a lovely shine to my lips. The only downside is my hair is very long and to have any hair down whilst going outside in the breeze because hair does get stuck to it. So I was forever peeling my hair off my lips. I would definately recommend though. Just wear hair up.

  • Av Cpotter1977 14 maj 2019

    So I purchased the toffee colour in this product and it’s lovely. Great colour, great application feels great on your lips, it’s not sticky, slightly glossy but not too much. So a good all rounder I will most definitely purchase more of these in the future.

  • Av Trendsetter 13 maj 2019

    I have this gloss stick in coffee pop which sounds dark but it’s not it’s a real gentle neutral colour. It’s so soft when you apply it . The stick feels really nourishig and moisturising. It’s fragrance free but and feels really smooth. It has a nice point on the stick when you buy it for easy application and is nice and chunky to use. The case is plastic and feels well made with a twist up action on the gloss stick

  • Av Dawnbutterfly10 13 maj 2019

    First time trying this product and I'm not as keen as the other two that I have tried and tested, the colour is fantastic absolutely love it but I found that the quality of the item isn't that good as I seemed to apply constantly to keep it on, felt good on the lips which is a bonus just the reply of it constantly was what put me off, I would recommend the product but may find a better lip product.

  • Av Bili1 13 maj 2019

    Love these lip crayons. Really glossy and lovely colours, texture and feeling on the lips. The shine itself is enough to make my lips looks really natural look and a great finish. It lasts on my lips for longer. Really love it and highly recommended.

  • Av sbear12 12 maj 2019

    This gloss stick has such a yummy sweet scent. It's so moreish The gloss gave my lips a nude/brown sheen, that really complimented my fair skin tone. However, it isn't the best at staying on for any length of time and needed reapplying frequently. It leaves no staining on the lips, which is my preference. It also doesn't dry your lips out. It definitely gives your lips a lovely glossy sheen and although not drying, it doesn't provide any extra moisture to the lips.

  • Av VeeVeeLoves 12 maj 2019

    This product has a nice pigment and feels nice when applied. It is a gloss sticky but does not leave the lips feeling sticky. The colour Toffee Pop is a little too dark for my liking. However, it makes a really nice glossy liner on the outer edges of the lips when applied with a pinker pigment. One thing I have found is that it does not last very long. However, it does not leave my lips feeling dry.

  • Av Katie123 11 maj 2019

    This product is brilliant, the colour was perfect for my skin tone. I did have to reapply after a few hours but it left my lip feeling so soft. I will be purchasing more colours to my collection as I love this product!

  • Av Vonne Laan 06 augusti 2022

    Perfect hydration

  • Av Sue Cook 25 januari 2023

    I absolutely love this Gloss Stick, I just wish I could buy it in store in UK!

    Svar från IsaDora 23-06-13 11:19

    Hi, for local availability, you can send an email to, and we will do our best to assist you! Have a wonderful day! Best, team IsaDora

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