Nail Care Guide

An easy guide for our nail care products.

Nail Care Guide
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1. Wonder Nail Clear Base/Top Coat

3 products in 1: base coat, top coat and transparent nail polish.

2. Clear Nail Gel 6-in-1

A 6-in-1 gel-like nail treatment to prep and finalize your manicure.

3. Wonder Top Coat

A plumping top coat with a wet look shine.

4. Peel Off Base

Creates a protective barrier between the nail and the polish, for quick and easy peel off removal – great for glitter or special effect polishes.

5. Nail Primer

A nutrient dense primer to extend the wear of your nail polish. 


6. Nail Whitener

A glossy, brightening nail treatment to help color correct yellow tones.

7. Second Nail

Nail hardener that instantly restructures the nails’ surface.

8. Quick Dry Dropper

Dries your nail polish in seconds with a single drop.


9. Rock Base

The ultimate hardening nail treatment to strengthen, protect and even out the nails’ surface.

10. Probiotic Protection

Boosts with good bacteria, strengthens the nails’ surface and moisturizes the cuticles.

11. Nail & Cuticle Oil

Botanical nail and cuticle oil for dry, brittle nails.