Foundation Guide

Find your foundation match by first selecting your skin tone and then your undertone. The shades within that box are created to match you! If possible, we always recommend trying the product before purchasing.

Foundation Guide
picture of foundations

1. Skin Beauty Perfecting & Protecting Foundation SPF 35

for nourishment and protection all year around.

2. Active All Day Wear Make-Up 24 Hrs

for the gym, the pool, the party.

3. B.B. Cream All-In-One Make-Up

for a natural glow.

4. Natural Matt Oil-Free Foundation

for oily days.

5. Cover Up Foundation & Concealer

for a 2 in 1 solution.

6. Nude Super Fluid Foundation

for a no-makeup makeup look.

7. Wake Up Make-Up SPF 20

for the early mornings.

picture of foundation matrix