by Linn
December 11, 2015

Lip Perfection

When you wear dark lipstick it’s important that it will stay put all day…and night. The secret behind perfect lips isn’t really a secret. It’s a combination of preparation, application and product choices. IsaDoras beauty team will give you all the tip you need to know!

1. Prepare your skin

You need to keep your lips moist and healthy. If your lips are smooth the lipstick will last longer. Use your favorite lip moisturizer every day to keep your lips soft! Our favorite is Multi Vitamin Gloss, filled with vitamins it’s a energy bomb that will save chapped lips!

2. Perfect base

It’s important to start off with a clean base. Sweep over your lips with a damp tissue. Apply a thin layer off foundation or powder, this will make your lipstick last longer.

3. Frame your lips

A lip contour pencil adds a layer of pigment and it makes the color last longer while it keeps the lipstick from floating out. Choose a color that matches your lipstick. If you can’t find the right shade go for a transparent lip contour pen. Gently apply the lip liner along the outer edges of your lips, and then fill in the entire lip. IsaDora Perfect Lipliner is easy to apply and highly pigmented.

4. Sweep it on

Apply your lipstick straight from the tube, it gives a richer color pay off. Blot down with a tissue and add a second layer of lipstick. IsaDora Twist-up Matt Lips has a special shaped tip for an easy and precise definition of the lip contour.

Now you’re done and your lipstick will stay put all day & night!


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