Watch the super cute Q&A and learn how Xenia would rather spend a Friday night and that her favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. Press Play & Enjoy, or scroll down to find out which IsaDora products Xenia can’t live without.


Xenia’s Beauty Secrets

All super models has their beauty secrets and of course we asked Xenia about hers:

Which lipstick color is your favorite?
-  I love red lipstick, it gives me so much sex appeal.

Why do you love makeup?
-  It can literally transform a person into someone who has looked like they walked of the red carpet. 

What is your signature makeup look?
-  Red lipstick, smoky eyes and I prefer lightly applied foundation.

What makeup items do you always have with you?
-  Eyebrow pencil. 

 What’s important when you choose beauty products?
-  I’m extremely picky with what products I use because I need to like the smell and texture that leaves on my
face. Good natural products don’t usually irritate my skin by causing blocked pores.


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