Multi Vitamin Gloss

Multi Vitamin Gloss - 02 Sheer Almond

02 Sheer Almond

Antioxidant gloss 
made by 90% of 
vitamins A, C, E + Q10

– Semi-transparent
– Has, according to ORAC*,
 a powerfull antioxidant 
effect that gives you softer 
and smoother lips, improves 
the skin elasticity and increases the cell- and collagen 
production in the lips
– The antioxidants also acts 
anti-aging and give the 
lips a plumping effect
– Extra long lasting
– Flexible sponge applicator

*ORAC – A scientific test method of measuring antioxidant capacities in food supplement, by means of the ORAC method. 
Developed by USDA, (US Department of Agriculture) in collaboration with University of Boston.

Net content: 7 ml/.24 Fl.oz.

Fragrance free. Clinically tested.



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