Chrome Nail Powder

Chrome Nail Powder  - MIRROR SILVER


Chrome Nail Powder

A new effective pigment that is extremely thin and smooth, with high transparency. This new generation of powder provides a high level of shine with the unique silver mirror effect. The powder creates a smooth, flat surface with a very vivid and reflective chrome effect

IMPORTANT! The Chrome Nail Powder must be used in combination with the water based Chrome Nails Fixing Top Coat to protect the chrome mirror shine effect and to give a long lasting resistant hold (approx. 4-5 days).

How to use:
1. Apply 1 thin layer of IsaDora Wonder Nail on one of your hands. Let dry for approx. 2-3 minutes until the
nail polish is almost completely dry (i.e. touch dry).
2. Pour a small amount of powder into the jar lid. The powder is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way! Pick up the powder with your fingertip and gently rub it onto the nails until you get a shiny surface.
3. Apply 1 layer of IsaDora Chrome Nails Fixing Top Coat (it protects the chrome effect). The top coat cures in any light – no UV lamp needed!



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