Konk_GlossGlaceGlossy lips

Lip gloss is an alternative to lipstick if you want a more transparent color or just a little shine  on the lips. It can also advantageously be used on top of a lipstick, both to supply high luster and provide smoother color. There are lip glosses in numerous of variations and in many colors. Whether you want a gloss with plumping / filling effect, glitter, or one that contains nourishing and protective ingredients, you’ll find your favorite in the IsaDora assortment. They are sleek, have stylish packaging, and all have great applicators, either a brush or a soft sponge.

Wide range

Popular Gloss Glacé is a moisturizing lip gloss with a plumping effect that will make your lips appear visually fuller. The smudge free formula is long lasting & quick to use. Another popular gloss is Multi Vitamin Gloss,  a semi-transparent gloss that has, according to ORAC*,
 a powerful antioxidant 
effect that gives you softer 
and smoother lips, improves 
the skin elasticity and increases the cell- and collagen 
production in the lips. A reel vitamine kick fot your lips.

Lip Oil

Nourishing Lip Oil has a gel-oil formula that instantly infuses the lips with nourishing care and coats them in a smooth shine. The rich formula is loaded with caring oils that boost your lips with anti-oxidants, vitamins & omega 3. Apply whenever you start to feel dry during the day, this will keep your lips smooth and moisturized!

Pouting lips?

For visually more pouty lips, apply lipstick all over your mouth and finish with lip gloss only on the center of the lips.


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