by IsaDora
May 3, 2017

How to: Perfect makeup base

This spring it’s all about a perfect nude look. To get that flawless “nude” finish you need to have a perfect make-up base. IsaDora Beauty Team will guide you step-by-step on how to apply your make-up base like a pro! Let’s get started:

Step 1. B.B Cream
First of all you need to add moisture to your skin to help the concealer glide on smoothly. BB. Cream, which is a multi-tasking foundation between make-up and skin care will do the trick. Pump out a small amount B.B Cream on the back of your hand. Use your Make-up Blender Sponge to gently pat the cream into your skin using circular motions. Start with the forehead and work towards your cheeks, nose, and chin. Finish off with the area around your eyes.

Step 2. Light Touch Concealer
Now it’s time to cover up thosedark circles and blemishes. Light Touch concealer has a creamy formula that is easy to work with. Gently apply the concealer were needed. Create a highlighting effect to your face by applying the concealer in small strokes on your for head, along the brow bow, on the sides of the nose, above the cupid and to the chin. Use Make-up Blender Sponge to gently blend the concealer into the B.B cream.

Step 3. Velvet Touch Compact Powder
Finish the look with a thin layer of powder to set and mattify your makeup for a prolonged wear. Use Perfect Powder Brush to apply the powder on your forehead, around the nose and on your cheeks. Gently brush the powder towards the outer edges of your face. Now you got a smooth velvety matte finish that will last all day!

Tips! Use the powder puff for tuch-ups on your shiny areas during the day!


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