by IsaDora
February 28, 2017

Brows on Fleek – Precision Brow Pen

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Every girl needs a pair of well shaped brows. Follow IsaDora’s Step-by-step guide to get those natural arches:

You don’t need to use the same color throughout the whole brow, play around with lighter and darker shades to create a natural shape.


1) With small strokes after each other, create a clean line under your brow with Precision Brow Pen Waterproof. Extend your brow if needed!

2) Paint with small dashes on the top of the brow to bind together the finish of the brow. Fill in the gaps within the brow.Use a light hand, do not push too hard.

3) Change eyebrow pencil to a lighter shade. You may look a little angry if you have a dark tint front. Therefore, we work with light movements.

4) Time for my eyebrows to get visible hairs! I use the Brow Shaping Gel. Carefully brush through your brows to not get too much product.

5) Use the Eye Lifter Duo Highlighter. Apply just below the brow and tone out with a small brush.This means that we have a cleaner brow and can erase some mistakes. This technique also raises the brow slightly!



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