by IsaDora
March 4, 2016

Volume Lashes

“Statement lashes here we go”

Some women just can’t leave the house without mascara. That important dash of mascara can do wonders for your makeup and adds that extra bit of drama to your look. The weekend is coming up and of course we want voluminous lashes for the girls night out! Our secret trick is – Grand Volume Lash Styler, the perfect party mascara that creates fanned out lashes with super volume effect. The specially designed brush hugs the lashes from root to tip and stretches them upwards and outwards for a fanned out, wide angle effect – Statement lashes here we go!

It’s easier that you think to create flawless fanned out lashes with full volume effect. IsaDora Beauty Team  guides you step-by-step:

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1. Curl your lashes! An eyelash curler opens up the eyes making them look bigger.
2. When applying  mascara usa a Zig-Zag technique: Gently rub the mascara into to the roots of your lashes by moving the mascara in zig-zag motions upwards, repeat this until you’re satisfied with your lashes and the comb true the lashes.
3. If you want your lashes to look even thicker apply a second layer of mascara.



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