by IsaDora
February 9, 2016

Perfect makeup for valentines

Look your very best for the most romantic day of the year…

Weather you’re going on a date or having a cozy movie night at home, you want to look your very best for the most romantic day of the year! With a couple more days to go you have plenty of time to find your perfect valentines look, but were to start?  To make it a bit easier for you Team IsaDora has collected some beauty essentials to help you get in order for the romantic day:




Making your lips kissable is probably the makeup step you need to focus on most! To get soft and silky smooth lips you need to add a lot of moisture and vitamins! So start by spoiling yourself with a  deeply moisturizing, nourishing and soothing lip treatment – Nourishing Lip Oil will do the trick. The rich formula is loaded with caring oils that boost your lips with anti-oxidants, vitamins & omega 3 so that your lips will be silky smooth. Use the lip oil during day day and before bedtime. After prepping your lips with Nourishing Lip Oil they will be silky smooth and perfectly kissable and now it’s time to add some color. Start by priming your lips with a concealer and a thin layer of powder, this will neutralize your own lip color and make the lipstick color appear better. Add Perfect Lipliner  in the same color as the lipstick to the outer edges of your lips and blend lightly. Then fill in the entire lip. Apply ‘Twist-Up Matt Lips’ in the color you feel suits your mood for the day! Now you have kissable lips that will last all day…and night!




Soft pastels meets voluminous lashes and a intense black eyeliner for that extra touch of drama, perfect for the romantic dinner. All it takes is a few steps:  Apply shadow no.(3) into the crease and shade. Add shadow no.(1) on the entire eyelid. Add Shadow no.(2) into the inner corner of your eye and blend. Use shadow no. (4) and blend into the crease for a more intense look. Shade one-third of the lower lash line with shade no. (1). Finish off with a classic winged eyeliner and mascara. Now you got a flirty eye-makeup that guaranteed will charm your valentine…

Photo & Makeup: @MartineKristine

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