by IsaDora
December 22, 2015

Glittering Smoky Eyes

Intense, Smokey and absolutely gorgeous!

New Year’s is on the door step and the everyday makeup makes place for sparkling ones! To create this tempting look of glitter and darkness MUA Erica used Eye Shadow Palette Golden Eyes combined with Flex Tip Eyeliner & Grand Volume Lash Styler!



Create the look:

1) Start by applying a thin layer of eye primer and let dry. Apply the black shadow into the crease and blend.
2) Add the bronze shade onto the entire eyelid and blend.
3) Apply the matte black and bronze shade underneath the lower lash line and blend together.
4) Apply a thin layer of the golden shade allover the eyelid to add that extra bit of shimmer.
5) Now it’s time for the eyeliner! Draw a thin line along the lash line and complete with a wing.
(Check out the tutorial ‘How to Apply A Classic Winged Eyeliner’)
6) Complete the look with a pair of lashes and mascara (Skip the lashes for a more casual look).


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