by IsaDora
November 25, 2015

Golden Eyes for the Weekend

“Glam up your lashes with jewel like glitter”

Gold and metallics have never been bigger in fashion, and where fashion goes, so does beauty. There’s nothing richer looking than gold makeup and a subtle chic shimmer to the face. And what girl doesn’t love a little glitter? The must-have product during the Holidays is the new Glitter Lash & Brow, a brush-on glitter that will glam up your lashes & brows with jewel like glitter, perfect for the christmas party and new years! IsaDora Beauty Team shows how to create a glamorous makeup look with golden eyes and jewel like lashes, using Eye Color Palette – Golden Eyes and Glitter lash & Brow:



Apply shade B on the entire eyelid
Apply shade D in the crease and tone upwards
Apply shade C in the crease and tone with shade D
Apply shade E in the outer corner of your eye and bend upwards to the crease with shade C
Apply shade A from the crease to the eyebrow
Apply two coats of Grand Volum lash styler onto your lashes
Finish of by applying glitter lash and brow onto your lashes!


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