by IsaDora
October 26, 2015

How To create Brows Like A Pro

Makeup artist Erica shows how to get create natural brows in 5 easy steps using products from Brow Bar Collection:


1) Use a thin small brush to create a clean line under your brow. Use the darkest shade from Perfect Brows Duo Compact Powder or Intense Brows Duo Compact Cream. Extend your brow if needed!

2) Paint with small dashes on the top of the brow to bind together the finish of the brow. Fill in the gaps within the brow.

3) Change to the lighter shade. You may look a little angry if you have a dark tint front. Therefore, we work with light movements and continue to fill in with the small thin brush.

5) Time for my eyebrows to get visible hairs! I use the Brow Shaping Gel. Carefully brush through your brows to not get too much product. And You’re done!

Makeup & tutorial: @Havsvind >>>

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