by Ulrika
April 12, 2014

Makeup for brown eyes

When you have brown eyes you can wear about whatever color you’d like as eye shadow. But three great accent colors is blue, silver and grey and will make your eyes pop. Helena made a look that is perfect for brown eyes.

How to:
1. Apply a light silvery shade in the inner corner of the eye.
2. Add blue eye shadow on the rest of the lid.
3. Blend it together.
4. Apply silvery eye shadow below the inner part of the lower lashes.
5. Add matte grey eye shadow on the outer part of the eye lashes and tone it upwards.
6. Add black/grey kajal along the lower and upper lashes and white kajal on the waterlines.
7. Add some mascara and lip gloss :)

Read more on Helena’s blog >>>

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