Stretch Lash Mascara

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Joskus ripsiin haluaa lisää tuuheutta ja joskus taas lisää ekstratuuheutta. Tästä syystä kehitimme Stretch Lash -maskaran. Ripsivärin harja muuttuu ripsiväripakkauksen korkkia kääntämällä pitkästä lyhyeksi ja tiiviiksi. Ripsivärin harjan pituutta säätämällä ripsiväri tuo halutun lopputuloksen: Pitkä harja pidentää, erottelee ja tuuheuttaa ripset luonnollisen tuuheiksi, ja lyhyt harja tuo ripsiin ekstratuuheutta ja näyttävyyttä. Ripsivärin pitkäkestoinen, täyteläinen koostumus on helppo kerrostaa ripsiin ilman paakkuja.

Yhdistelmä erilaisia vahoja – antavat ripsivärille pehmeän voidemaisen koostumuksen, jotta ripsiin saadaan lisää tuuheutta ilman paakkuja.
Luonnollista alkuperää olevat hyytelön muodostavat tekijät – antavat ripsille lisää tuuheutta ja näyttävyyttä.

Kääntämällä korkissa olevaa säädintä saat pidennettyä tai lyhennettyä harjaosaa. Pitkä harja pidentää, erottelee ja tuuheuttaa ripset luonnollisen tuuheiksi, ja lyhyt harja tuo ripsiin ekstratuuheutta ja näyttävyyttä.


4,6 out of 58 arvostelusta

Viimeisimmät arvostelut

  • Tekijältä Christina 09 tammikuuta 2020

    Min absoluta favorit! 2-i-1 mascara, funkar till vardag med borsten utdragen och till fest med borsten indragen. Du behöver ingen annan mascara än denna!

  • Tekijältä Lisa 09 tammikuuta 2020

    En helt fantastisk 2-i-1 mascara som jag kan ha användning av hela dygnet, både dag och natt. Möjligheterna är oändliga med denna mascara, jag kan få allt från en naturlig look till en full-on party look! En mascara som jag flitigt rekommenderar till alla mina vänner. Lucky me, jag fick tag i den sista i butiksstället!!!

  • Tekijältä Kazzykaur 10 toukokuuta 2019

    As a fully grown woman, I have used many different mascaras with different lengths but never have I seen a stretch one! Wow! You literally twist the lid and it pulls the wand out. First time ever I am able to get to all little eye lashes and I do not need to reapply to bulk it. I am really amazed and love the product!

  • Tekijältä Gracie 10 toukokuuta 2019

    This product is amazing because it really makes a difference to my lashes. It really says what it is on the package it gives my lashes a fully long stretch look. I love this product and would highly recommend!

  • Tekijältä Missjacksonx 10 toukokuuta 2019

    Oh my god, I absolutely love this mascara, the consistency is amazing and I love how the brush changes size depending on your eye and lashes! I would highly recommend it’s amazing! It’s my most favourite maracas and will be definitely buying again.

  • Tekijältä abisalkeldclarke 07 kesäkuuta 2019

    This is the best lengthening mascara I have tried in a long time. The adjustable brush is perfect for doing top and bottom lashes without getting mascara all over the eyes. One layer is great for a subtle effect but layering up can produce an amazing dramatic look. I have recommended this product to so many people already.

  • Tekijältä Dana27 29 toukokuuta 2019

    his is a good day to day mascara! I use this for work, i work long shifts and it lasts all day, don't get any black specs under my eyes and it looks good. for the price you pay I think this is a really good mascara, does the job.

  • Tekijältä Jenbremner 27 toukokuuta 2019

    I really like this mascara, I found that it was really easy to apply and lasted really well throughout the day. Putting it on is very easy and the expandable brush means each stroke covers all your lashes at one time. I wear contact lenses and sometimes mascara bothers my eyes but I did not find this at all with this product. I also really liked how it looked at the end of the day, just as fresh as when applied.

  • Tekijältä Cmlb 23 toukokuuta 2019

    First of all, it could be more obvious on the packaging that you can adjust the brush! It took me quite a few uses before I realised it’s adjustable, and I’m still not sure what the purpose of the different settings are. As for the actual mascara, it’s okay - it’s quite lengthening which is nice. However, it can be a little clumpy - not unusable but not very fluttery. Also, the brush means that mascara often gets on my eyelids and some lashes get missed.

  • Tekijältä Ms Blue 22 toukokuuta 2019

    I have a problem with mascara over many years I have tried many products none off which have been able to effectively give me the look I was requiring shower that was before I used this mascara. It applies perfectly to the lashes with a sturdy applicator with thin strong bristles which enables you to get to the bottom off the lash line and really stretch them up as it applies. It lasted really well threwout the day and well into the evening. Could be used subtly for a daytime look or a more heavy coverage for an evening out. Easy to remove when required with no panda eyes in the morning. Very impressed

  • Tekijältä BCCC 22 toukokuuta 2019

    The brush on this mascara is lovely, leaves no clumps and really brushes though lashes. The macara I found smudged fairly easily if I were to touch my eyes, so not great for all day wear, but good for short time application such as dinner

  • Tekijältä PhatNat 22 toukokuuta 2019

    So this is the first time ive actually had a mascara that does what it says on the package. The wand is adjustable, therefore making the lash bit stretch for long eyes or smaller if requested. Also this wand picked up the tiny baby hairs i have in the corners which is usually missed by my other mascaras.

  • Tekijältä Safeena 22 toukokuuta 2019

    I love it especially the brush. Both  long and short! I thought it was going to be quite lumpy but it wasn’t. I actually feel that by combining the different lengths of the brush I can achieve the effect I want. The formula applies beautifully as well.

  • Tekijältä Kt87 22 toukokuuta 2019

    This isn’t the best mascara I’ve ever used, but it did the job and stayed on. I had a small amount of flaking throughout the day, but no smudging and the colour was really nice. A good bargain makeup bag find for sure.

  • Tekijältä Sammyconz 21 toukokuuta 2019

    What can I say, i love this mascara. It has a extensible brush which I have never heard of anyway you twist the top and it extends the brush this is a fab feature. The colour is a dark black which stands out and doesn't clump like a few I've had. When extended you can get full lash coverage in one go but I add a few layers as my lashes are quite thin. Overall I would give this 10/10 And recommend to anyone.

  • Tekijältä Loulou 21 toukokuuta 2019

    I got this and my daughter claimed it lol she liked how it looked on me and gave it a try and it's now got a new owner. Great mascara gives a good length to your lashes looks good. Would recommend this product

  • Tekijältä Yflores49712 21 toukokuuta 2019

    I have used so many mascara that cost me so much money that did not work at all in me but with stretch lash mascara have been different it help so much my eye lushes to be very long and curly the same time love it and will recommended to everyone

  • Tekijältä Prilee71 20 toukokuuta 2019

    I’ve been using this product for a week now and have fell in love with it !! This is a must for every girls make-up bag. The brush design is genius, you can twist it it have a longer brush get get length on your lashes, then twist is down for a fuller brush to fill your lashes out. I’ve added a before and after photo. I can highly recommend this Mascara.

  • Tekijältä scho 20 toukokuuta 2019

    Really impressed with this mascara! lengthens lashes and adds volume and dramatic impact! Hadnt heard of this brand before so wasnt sure what to expect but im pleased with the results this mascara gives!

  • Tekijältä HarpK80 20 toukokuuta 2019

    I absolutely love this mascara! The wand is amazing as you can twist it to turn and extend the brush for a fuller lash look and then twist it back again the opposite way to to bring the brush back in and use it for the lower lash! Two coats of mascara is enough for a full lash look and I found it dried really quick and my lashes didn’t fall which they normally do with other mascaras. Really love using this mascara and it helps that it’s smells lovely too! Highly recommend it!

  • Tekijältä Jfer2k 20 toukokuuta 2019

    The mascara covered well and felt smooth, it didn't show any signs of clogging my fairly short, straight lashes. I have sensitive eyes but it didn't adversely affect them. It wore off a little and shadowed under my eyes a bit. I didn't use the extended length that was available on the wand, but can see it could be useful on longer eyelashes.

  • Tekijältä RenaK 17 toukokuuta 2019

    My favorite mascara! Very impressed with the color and how highly pigmented it is! My lashes look thicker and longer like false ones. Doesn’t smudge, even after I fell asleep with it on. It is amazing and worth every penny!

  • Tekijältä Mel2019 17 toukokuuta 2019

    First time using the black mascara from this brand , comes in a premium feeling wand. You have the option to twist the top and the mascara wand end expands, twist it back and it brings it back to normal size. It’s a great idea as it adapts to different eye lengths. Gives quite a decent coverage and dries quickly .The let down I found the end to be a hard plastic with no flexibly to it which lets down the mascara as you can’t scrape any excess off into the tube or adapt to the shape of your lashes.

  • Tekijältä Renata 17 toukokuuta 2019

    I am overly excited about this fantastic extending brush/wand by IsaDora, this mascara makes it so easy to create natural looking lashes and by a extending brush bristles (by twisting the top of the wand) you can easily build up volume on your lashes for more dramatic look. My favourite way to use it is: I make my top lashes nice and dramatic with wand all stretched out and for the bottom lashes I simply make the wand as small as it goes and apply mascara to my lashes for more natural look. It is a very well thought out design and very well made one too, allowing you to own one mascara that covers all your beauty needs, it’s just amazing. Hands down to IsaDora brand to thinking outside the box and bringing out such an amazing mascara.

  • Tekijältä Sacha 16 toukokuuta 2019

    A very good daily mascara with a very long wand which separated and coated top lashes well however the soloution seemed to sit on the end of the wand so wasn’t so good at coating bottom lashes and left them very wet and messy. it was a nice colour but wore off quickly throughout the day . Didn’t give very dramatic results

  • Tekijältä Bexbox 16 toukokuuta 2019

    Wow this really is great mascara. It does not clump up like others do. It made my lashes much longer the brush is great really gets it to the lashes. You can really tell it's good quality I would definitely buy this again

  • Tekijältä Lexi 16 toukokuuta 2019

    Great product. Really easy to apply. When using the product it did not clump together which is what I have been looking for in a good mascara. Really good colour and coverage on eye lashes. Would recommend

  • Tekijältä Vulcan78 16 toukokuuta 2019

    I saw this and though as I have a love for make up Id give it a try. It has a stretch brush on it which was handy as I have quite wide eyes so enabled me to do the full last when applying. It goes on nicely but does start clumping if you apply 2 coats which is what I would normally do. One coat would be enough if for everyday use. Its not heavy and sits nice, not irritating at all.

  • Tekijältä lauralou 15 toukokuuta 2019

    I’ve tried so many mascara brands recently that I’ve been disappointed with in so many ways. I’m really impressed with this one. I hadn’t heard of this brand before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The packaging was nice, not to fancy. I really like the concept of the twist and turn wand to extend to allow fuller coverage. The mascara separates my lashes without making them feel clumpy. It doesn’t flake or smudge so it’s worth a try.

  • Tekijältä Kazziep 15 toukokuuta 2019

    I'm happy with this when the wand is fully extended , I found it a bit fiddly when I shortened it to do my bottom lashes , but that's more likely to be because I'm not used to it . Used the mascara after I'd used my lash curlers and wow I was impressed at the extra length immediately , no more applying coat after coat to attain length and ending up with a clunky mess , highly recommend

  • Tekijältä Kimberley 15 toukokuuta 2019

    I was worried the brush on this mascara would mean the entire thing is a bit of of a novelty, but it's really great. The wand can be stretched or contracted depending on how much product you want on your lashes in one area. The packaging and twist design is incredibly sleek. The mascara lengthens and adds just enough volume to the lashes. It's super black and easy to remove. Very impressed and the first I've seen with the extendable wand!

  • Tekijältä amanda 15 toukokuuta 2019

    i bought this mascara last week, and could not wait to try it, i applied to my lashes and was very happy with the results, they made my lashes look longer and really stand out.I love the brush as i was able to reach all my lashes, i shall continue to purchase and enjoy this mascara

  • Tekijältä AlisonBurnsy 15 toukokuuta 2019

    Wow it really does streach your eye lashes and im totally impressed by how it works the brush also works well on short eyelashes as well as your longer eyelashes. There is no clumps to the brush or when you apply so happy with this product

  • Tekijältä Mousam 15 toukokuuta 2019

    I got this mascara a couple of days ago and useful it straight away and it's such a nice mascara It didnt have any clumps when I applied it and my lashes look really long and thick which I really like ..I would highly recommend this product

  • Tekijältä Kayley2019 15 toukokuuta 2019

    I recently received the lsaDora stretch lash mascara and I am thrilled with it. Its long lasting, makes my eyelashes look thick and long which as I have very little is brilliant. I would definetly recommend to all woman.

  • Tekijältä Rambo 15 toukokuuta 2019

    Recently got this mascara in the mail and it’s absolutely amazing . Does the job and makes your lashes look very curly and long. Very dark the lash band is also good for those who need to make their lashes appear longer

  • Tekijältä Megs123 15 toukokuuta 2019

    I got this mascara last week and it’s great. Last we’ll when on. Wore for work on a 12 hour shift and was on still when I got home. I love the brush .. goes on the eyelash lovely. I will buy over and over

  • Tekijältä Sarah198028 15 toukokuuta 2019

    Great mascara,glides on with no clumping. Colour is nice and dark.great coverage.brush is really good,separates lashes and Coates each individual last perfectly.lashes look longer and more defined. Lasts all day.

  • Tekijältä Charlotte7 15 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara is very good for adding length and definition to each lash as it separates them well and they make the lashes look a lot longer. My only problem with it was it wasnt waterproof so as the day went on I started to get smudged dark bags under my eyes from the mascara wearing over time.

  • Tekijältä Mhodgson 14 toukokuuta 2019

    I've been using this for roughly a week now and I like it. I've mostly been using it as a day time mascara so I've used the long brush. The shorter brush was a bit too voluminous for the day. Would be good for evening night out though

  • Tekijältä NatWar 14 toukokuuta 2019

    I’d never heard of this brand before, so was really curious to try it out. I was pleased to discover that this really is a great product, and the twist function is so beneficial in helping with distributing the mascara across the lashes to create a daytime or dramatic look! I was worried that the twist function would have been a bit of a novelty, however it was so useful. The mascara is a really great, long wearing one, with no crumbling of smudging throughout the day. My lashes looked super long after using and someone even asked if they were extensions. I look forward to trying out more products from this brand!

  • Tekijältä Laura02917 13 toukokuuta 2019

    I love this mascara it is such a nice intense colour and left my lashes looking fuller, longer and more dramatic. However i didn't really notice any difference from using the brush longer and thin compared to using it shorter and fatter. But really happy with the results in general. The product is of good consistency which made it easy to apply and didn't leave any clumbs. The brush glided smoothly over my lashes which left an even coverage. The intense colour lasted all day but was easy to remove with make up remover.

  • Tekijältä Sweetama 13 toukokuuta 2019

    Omg omg omg I can’t explain how much I’m in love this product honestly. After using it a couple times can’t explain the effect it has my eyelashes looks like I have had a eyelash extensions but no it’s the mascara. And the brush is so amazing too.

  • Tekijältä Natasha 13 toukokuuta 2019

    This is one of my favourite mascara so far! Doesnt gather on the lashes, does a nice even spread and doesnt really smudge. The brush is amazing. It can be extended to reach longer lashes or the whole lash, or it can get adjusted to be small so you can get those lashes that hide in the corners of the eyes. I would highly recommend this product!

  • Tekijältä Nicolalalala 13 toukokuuta 2019

    Love, Love, LOVE this Mascara!! It’s both effortless, & flawless. I love the fact that the applicator is stiff, it really grabs all the lashes. By twisting the end, i can change the size & thickness of the brush, allowing me to get all the tiny hard to get lashes in the inner corner, & the lower lashes without getting excess under my eyes! Gives amazing volume without clogging, fantastic value for money! I no longer need to use 3 different mascaras as this one offers everything I need

  • Tekijältä Rachey 12 toukokuuta 2019

    Wowww id never heard isadora before but im so glad i have now. This mascara is what i have been waiting for,the perfect size brush that coats all my lashes perfectly. However for double the impact it has an extendable brush by turning the end makes the wand longer. This product is amazing my friends thought id had false eyelashes on. Definately a winner for me. Isadora i adore ya x

  • Tekijältä Ess123 12 toukokuuta 2019

    Best mascara by far! I have really short lashes and have been through so many mascara's of all brands. I usually go for the look of brush when purchasing. This mascara has a brush where you can change the brush length to give you long lashes and short length to give you the volume. I have really short lashes and when I wear mascara never usually makes any difference to my lashes. This mascara has given me the length and volume I needed. I also wear contact lenses and some mascara's can irritate my eyes. I have had no problems with this mascara and seems to last long when applied. I am so happy with this product and would definitely reccomend.

  • Tekijältä Amycanavan 12 toukokuuta 2019

    The mascara made my eyelashes look long its non clumpy easy to apply. Very good product would recomend it. It also last ling through out the day until night Time. Also it comes of easy when needing it.

  • Tekijältä Razina93 12 toukokuuta 2019

    I love the expandable brush feature , it means I can go for different looks using once mascara. I have found it can clump, however that can be managed by wiping away excess mascara. It is easy to use , defining. The packaging is amazing and attractive.

  • Tekijältä Kazzykaur 10 toukokuuta 2019

    As a fully grown woman, I have used many different mascaras with different lengths but never have I seen a stretch one! Wow! You literally twist the lid and it pulls the wand out. First time ever I am able to get to all little eye lashes and I do not need to reapply to bulk it. I am really amazed and love the product!

  • Tekijältä Gracie 10 toukokuuta 2019

    This product is amazing because it really makes a difference to my lashes. It really says what it is on the package it gives my lashes a fully long stretch look. I love this product and would highly recommend!

  • Tekijältä Missjacksonx 10 toukokuuta 2019

    Oh my god, I absolutely love this mascara, the consistency is amazing and I love how the brush changes size depending on your eye and lashes! I would highly recommend it’s amazing! It’s my most favourite maracas and will be definitely buying again.

  • Tekijältä Carla Rios 14 toukokuuta 2020

    I love this mascara I had been looking for a mascara that will work for me and I am happy I finally found it. I love that it stretches and makes my lashes look longer and my eyes wider. Sadly I ran out of this mascara and is been 2 weeks of me looking at stores and not being able to find it. I have looked online and it is expensive 18 dlls for a mascara? 😱 I love it but wouldn't pay this much for it.

  • Tekijältä Ankku 31 heinäkuuta 2020

    This mascara gets me just the perfect look for all day :)) love it♡︎

  • Tekijältä Sam 26 joulukuuta 2020

    This is the first drugstore mascara I like. It’s truly BLACK, give a volume and keep my lashes curled, last all day and REMOVES EASILY.

    IsaDoran vastaus 20-12-28 08.07

    Hi Sam! we're happy to hear that you like our products! :)

  • Tekijältä Josefin 19 tammikuuta 2021

    Älskar denna maskara! Ger superfin volym och längd till fransarna.

  • Tekijältä Angelia Ward 23 huhtikuuta 2022

    This is my favorite mascara of all time. Unfortunately, I cannot find it in black anymore. Walgreens only stocks it in brown (for shipment only). Where can I get this in black?

    IsaDoran vastaus 22-05-09 11.56

    Hi Angelica, could you please send an email to with your question and we will try to help you from there :) Kind regards, team IsaDora

  • Tekijältä Marie Priss 24 toukokuuta 2023

    I absolutely love this mascara, you guys did your thing when you created it. I’m obsessed with it. 10/10. Great Job !

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