Build-Up Mascara Extra Volume

  • Ripsiväri, jota on mahdollistaa kerrostaa, halutun lopputuloksen aikaansaamiseksi.
  • Vettähylkyvä ja tarhaamaton koostumus.
  • Pitkäkestoinen, ripsiin nopeasti kuivuva koostumus.

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Riisivaha - muodostaa ohuen kalvon ripsien ympärille. Karnaubavaha - tuuheuttaa, pidentää ja kosteuttaa ripsiä.

Aqua/Water, Paraffin, Glyceryl Stearate, Synthetic Beeswax, Acacia Senegal Gum, Stearic Acid, Butylene Glycol, Oryza Sativa Cera/Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax, Palmitic Acid, Polybutene, Ozokerite, VP/Eicosene Copolymer, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Copernicia Cerifera Cera/Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Phenoxyethanol, Aminomethyl Propanol, Stearyl Stearate, Talc, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Tropolone [+/- CI77499/Iron Oxides, CI77492/Iron Oxides, CI77491/Iron Oxides, CI77007/Ultramarines]. Disclaimer This list of ingredients represents the formulation that is currently being supplied by us as a manufacturer, please note that it does not take into consideration possible previous/alternative versions available for sale. There is however printed list of ingredients on each individual product that is valid at all times, so we recommend that consumers always check ingredient list on product packaging for correct information of the content.

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4,3 out of 52 arvostelusta

Viimeisimmät arvostelut

  • Tekijältä Elin 02 helmikuuta 2020

    I am looking for Build-up Extra Volume Mascara, 07 bluish black and I cannot find it anywhere! Does it not excist anymore? I have really looked everywhere... Can you please answer me asap cause I need a new mascara.

    IsaDoran vastaus 20-02-03 07.24

    Hi Elin, Thank you for your enquiry. Please email our customer service at, specify which country you are in and they will be able to assist you further. Have a lovely day! Your IsaDora Team

  • Tekijältä Dominika 06 helmikuuta 2020

    Have been using this mascara for years and I absolutely love it! It adds extra volume to the eyelashes and makes them appear thicker. I have tried using different mascaras but nothing compares to this one.

  • Tekijältä Leesa36 10 toukokuuta 2019

    I really like the Isadora build up extra volume mascara. Made my eyes look bigger, gave me lots of volume and went on easily with no clumping. It is a lovely dark black shade. I like the big wand too. I would definitely buy it again.

  • Tekijältä Johura1737 05 kesäkuuta 2019

    This IsaDora Mascara is amazing. IsaDora Mascara works very well. This Mascara gives the lashes Extra Volume which looks Gorgeous. I am very happy with this Product. I would recommend IsaDora Mascara to everyone.

  • Tekijältä Jo Thomas 28 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara gives great volume to your lashes without making them appear too bulky. Ideal for day time wear although you could layer up for a great evening look. It’s not gloopy or sticky and the wand is easy to use.

  • Tekijältä Safeena 28 toukokuuta 2019

    I’ve been struggling to find a good mascara. IsaDora extra volume mascara is defitnetly noticeable, easy to wash off and doesn’t flake or clump. This mascara applies smoothe and with a few coats it’s nice and noticeable however it does flake a bit by the end of the day, but I can live with that since it's not noticeable like smudging or smearing. I like the brush--it separates the lashes and puts on the right amount.

  • Tekijältä Tezzer 26 toukokuuta 2019

    I have light eyelashes this did what I said built up a nice volume for me no clumping was easy to remove after a days wear. Also had girls I work with try this out 3of the 4 who tried also loved it and are buying

  • Tekijältä Char186 26 toukokuuta 2019

    It looks nice once on, I found after a while it felt sticky and my lashes feel heavy. I didn’t feel it gave me any extra volume. I feel it comes off throughout the day, so doesn’t really last all day.

  • Tekijältä EB31 24 toukokuuta 2019

    I'm in love with this mascara! The formula went on smoothly and the fine wand separated eyelashes well to give extra volume. A couple of sweeps, used along with the flex tip eyeliner, created a beautiful and dramatic look. The formula didn't clog and was easy to build up for even thicker eyelashes.

  • Tekijältä Joc378 24 toukokuuta 2019

    I have been using this mascara for a few weeks now and am pleased with the results I get from this product. It is not s brand I would usually use but I found it applied easily and gave my lashes great volume!

  • Tekijältä diya82 22 toukokuuta 2019

    I got this mascara, I was a bit sceptical at first as I haven’t used this brand before . It came with a thick brush and was very flexible wand, it smelt lovely . I applied it and my lashes looked instantly longer, once it had dried I applied another coat to see if it would clump and it didn’t ! My other ones clump up of another coat is added ! I would truly buy this again once this runs out ! Lovely mascara with a lovely smell & a good lash lift!

  • Tekijältä Jane 22 toukokuuta 2019

    My lashes are quite thin so I am always looking for help to make hem look thicker. I tried this product and love it. It goes on really smoothly with no clumps and the result is great. Not fake looking but really thick lashes!

  • Tekijältä Blondeyatesy 22 toukokuuta 2019

    I was generally happy with this product. The mascara works well. You do really have to spend some time building up the layers though to get the extra volume. I would say at least three coats for me. This is the reason I didn’t give it 5 stars. The brush is good and consistency is good. It didn’t smudge or run and stayed on all day.

  • Tekijältä cathyj 22 toukokuuta 2019

    I have thin long lashes, the brush manages to seperates the lashes and gives a good coverage of mascara. Doesnt seem to leave cloggy uneven lashes, gives thickness and length for the perfect lash look

  • Tekijältä Khaleesi 22 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara is brilliant, the colour is perfect, and it builds amazing volume, I have light eyelashes, and this mascara really made them stand out, I have recommended it already to my friends and family.

  • Tekijältä Steaders 22 toukokuuta 2019

    I love mascara and tried this one. The packaging is classy, the wand has a really nice shape to it; it's quite small, but didnt clump and gave good coverage. I used 2 coats for a night out and was really pleased with the result.

  • Tekijältä KG77 21 toukokuuta 2019

    I bought this product a couple of weeks ago and whilst it does make my eyelashes look a lot thicker and fuller I think it is too much for me. But if you want thick long dark eyelashes to flutter and look amazing then this build up mascara is for you. It makes them long and thick and beautiful.

  • Tekijältä nellyelly36 20 toukokuuta 2019

    Wow this mascara is brilliant the colour is vibrant and makes my lashes really open up my eyes without having to apply loads of product and the brush is big and bold and it looks very premium it will be a new firm fave in my make up bag

  • Tekijältä Netty 20 toukokuuta 2019

    I got this mascara in place of usual brand it is really easy to use the wand is very good very easy to build up the layers. The mascara doesn’t seem to clump when being applied to the lashes and gives really good results.

  • Tekijältä Jfer2k 20 toukokuuta 2019

    I have pretty thick eyelashes, so like a mascara to emphasise that and coat well. This is a very bristly brush so doesn't cover my lashes completely, leaves them looking soft still, not too defined. Think it would be much better on thinner eyelashes.

  • Tekijältä Keljaneh 20 toukokuuta 2019

    Wow , if you’re looking for a mascara that doesn’t clump, that isn’t runny, thick and floppy then look no further. I can highly recommend this mascara to all. I’ve inc a picture for you to see. First glance at the brush I liked what I saw. It was a good sized brush for producing a good volume lash. I was a little hesitant to begin because the bush didn’t seem to load with as much mascara as I was used to with leading brands but I need not be worried. It worked wonders. Started at the base of my lash and working the wand through. Fanning out my lashes beautifully whilst giving them the volume I was desiring. Even loosing liking I was wearing false lashes. They looked long and full.

  • Tekijältä Laura2019 18 toukokuuta 2019

    This is a great mascara for building volume. It makes my lashes look really long and thick without clumping. It’s a nice intense colour too which I love. It makes my eyes look really wide - I will definitely repurchase!

  • Tekijältä Sarahclaymay 18 toukokuuta 2019

    I’ve been using this a week now and love it! Makes my eye lashes very long, which is great! It separates my eye lashes beautifully, It’s very easy to apply to my lashes, It comes off nice and easy with my make up wipes that I use. Will be recommending to my friends

  • Tekijältä Mich1980 17 toukokuuta 2019

    I don’t wear make up bare mascara so I’m a bit picky. This mascara went on fab and I didn’t need to build to get the results I wanted however as the day went on I had smudges under my lower lashes, and once is removed it the next day I still had black marks under my eyes it just wouldn’t go.

  • Tekijältä Simona123 17 toukokuuta 2019

    I've been using lots of different mascaras but this one is just perfect for me. It gives the volume, my eyelashes are not stick together just great mascara. I have been using that mascara before but urfortunately is not easy to find them in a market.

  • Tekijältä Leanne12374 16 toukokuuta 2019

    I needed a mascara that made my lashes look noticable without having to go down the fake lash root so i thought i would give the build up mascara a try. I found the mascara consistancy quite thick and dipping in and out of the bottle it would get quite clumpy but the applicator brush made up for this when applying. The mascara went on even and applied a few times my lashes looked fuller and longer without feeling heavy with product. The mascara lasted all day and still looked fresh without smudging.

  • Tekijältä Aysh11 16 toukokuuta 2019

    Been using this for a week now, first impression is great. The isadora build up mascara extra volume, is a great mascara for the full eye lash look. It's comes with a full volume brush which is easy to apply and leave your eye lashes looking long and dark. It's consistent and the colour is natural. It's doesn't clump up your lashes. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • Tekijältä Torturo99 16 toukokuuta 2019

    My natural lashes is brown, so I have to use mascara every day, to give a black color. This mascara have a unusual type of brush like a wedge, and it not only have a lots of mascara on it just with one go, but also covers lashes excelent with no sticking lashes. Mascara builds up lashes looking thick and long. Also this mascara dryes very quick, so can be used few times to build up more thicker lashes. Long lasting and the best point - after few hours it still looking briliant and no any black marks( leakage) under eyes

  • Tekijältä Carla 16 toukokuuta 2019

    I love this mascara, it makes my lashes look thicker and longer with just one application, not clumpy but instead applies smoothly and makes my lashes feel light and soft. Highly recommend for day to day wear

  • Tekijältä KSavill18 15 toukokuuta 2019

    Really like this mascara so far! It does exactly what its called which is volumising your lashes. You do have to apply quite a bit to get the maximum affect but it makes my lashes long, volumised but still not clumpy which does happen with other mascaras I have used in the past. Would definitely recommend.

  • Tekijältä Kaz lou 15 toukokuuta 2019

    I tried this mascara out straight away. Th I packaging is nice and it is buildable like stated. I didn’t see a big improvement on the volume of my eyelashes and it easily smudged but I still wear it for every day. I do like the fact that it’s easy to use and wiped off really easily.

  • Tekijältä MZ26 15 toukokuuta 2019

    I would recommend this mascara as being a great option to build up volume. It applied well and wasn't too clumpy, especially when building the layers up. I have used this mascara for an evening out and it lasted well. I think this is a good value mascara and would recommend it!

  • Tekijältä Msfoxymax 15 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara is so simple to use and easy to ‘build up’ depending on what type of lashes your looking for each day. Not too thick and the brush gets into even small awkward lashes. It is sweat proof but comes off easy with cleanser

  • Tekijältä Hels27 15 toukokuuta 2019

    I love how it's really black. It dries fast so it's easy to build up layers.It has a big brush which can be tricky on the lower lashes but I think it's great for the upper ones. Unfortunately it smudges if you use it on the lower lashes, it is such a shame, because I really like the texture of the mascara.

  • Tekijältä Megs123 15 toukokuuta 2019

    Love this. So much. What can I say! This mascara comes off like a dream with make up remover. Looks good on separates all my eye lashes and gives it a great look. Feels sleek and sexy this is on my to buy list from now on

  • Tekijältä Crysilva28 15 toukokuuta 2019

    This product it's wonderful for my small and thin lashes! Makes my lashes bold and beautiful after using it,lots of volume added so that's perfect for me. I love the brush as it's so easy to use it and makes me ready in 1 minute which is a plus! The texture it's thin not thick but the brush makes this product good. Would definitely recommend it

  • Tekijältä Louiseherbie 15 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara is in great packaging, the product looks great. The mascara goes on well and stays all day with no smudging. No clumping. Lashes look great and no smudge throughout the day. It comes off well and easily at the end of the day

  • Tekijältä Oxford_Mama 15 toukokuuta 2019

    I’ve been using this for a week. I really like the natural but long look one coat gives and it does build up well without clumping when you add more coats. However, it really flakes. After a couple of hours normal wear, I had noticeable black flakes on my face and kept having to check and remove them as I went about my day. It’s a real shame as the effect of the mascara is good. It just doesn’t seem to be a good formula for staying on lashes.

  • Tekijältä Coconutty 14 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara is super if you like to build up your lashes to add extra volume. The brush is the perfect size to pick up all the lashes and isn't flaky at all. I like to use three coats and it builds up really well, my lashes are well defined with no clumps and have loads of volume too. As a contact lens wearer I love the fact it's fragrance free and it didn't irritate my eyes at all. Overall a really effective mascara if you're looking for instant volume and definition.

  • Tekijältä Busy Mum Kay 14 toukokuuta 2019

    Fabulous mascara! It goes on really evenly Nd is super easy to use. You just keep adding for a more dramatic effect that you want. It does not leave clumps (this is a pet hate, so glad to find this product). Comes in a nice tube with a thick application brush. This is a keeper in my make up bag!

  • Tekijältä Keely78 14 toukokuuta 2019

    Really loved this and I was surprised it was and just as good as my favourite YSL one which they have stopped doing now so it’s all good and I would definitely buy it again!! Went on lovely and thicken up great which I really like!

  • Tekijältä Jamielou90 14 toukokuuta 2019

    I have tried many many mascaras and I feel that this is a good one my lashes are small and it captures everyone and lifts them well the colour is a nice black and makes them stand out. I’ve added pictures this is with two coats of mascara

  • Tekijältä Riri2311 13 toukokuuta 2019

    I have long lashes anyway, but this mascara was amazing makes them look a lot longer and thicker, the lashes don’t clump together and isn’t tacky, and it also lasted the whole day, would definitely recommend if u want think and longer lashes

  • Tekijältä Divalicious 12 toukokuuta 2019

    The build up mascara really builds up and longates my eyelashes giving it a nice length and doesn't cake up like most do when you are applying a few times .I found it gave my eyelashes the extra volume it needed.

  • Tekijältä Atkinsjen 12 toukokuuta 2019

    I usually use a brush that is rubber bristle based and I have quite long lashes and found that traditional spoolie brushes would often leave me with a clumpy look. Somehow however this brush applies in a really soft way and allows for gradual build up without all the clumping and my eyes looked really full and open. A good alternative to my usual choice!

  • Tekijältä Bryngo2 11 toukokuuta 2019

    This is without a doubt the best mascara I’ve found for a long time. It does exactly what it claims to and is very easy to build volume to your lashes. The applicator brush is quite chunky and this makes it really easy to coat every lash evenly. I found that 2 coats gave me the look that I wanted, leaving me with lovely long looking lashes with very little effort. Brilliant!

  • Tekijältä Thismumsavesmoney 11 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara wand works magic! It’s a lovely thick wand, so easy to hold and use. After two coats of mascara my lashes looked thicker and fuller. No clumps! This will definitely be re-purchased from me.

  • Tekijältä Kasia34 11 toukokuuta 2019

    Great mascara! Amazing deep black colour.Very nice brush which separating lashes during the application. Two layers of mascara giving amazing look to my eyes. Lasting long, no need to re touch the make up through the whole day.

  • Tekijältä Leesa36 10 toukokuuta 2019

    I really like the Isadora build up extra volume mascara. Made my eyes look bigger, gave me lots of volume and went on easily with no clumping. It is a lovely dark black shade. I like the big wand too. I would definitely buy it again.

  • Tekijältä Diana Gadsby 20 huhtikuuta 2021

    I bought several Build-up Extra Volume Mascara 05 Royal Blue in Sweden and absolutely loved it. I have now run out of it and no other makes are as good. I am in UK. Is there anywhere I can buy some more?

    IsaDoran vastaus 21-05-14 07.40

    Hi Diana, we are so happy to hear that! Could you please send an email to with your request and we will try to help you! Kind regards Team IsaDora

  • Tekijältä Sia Åkerlund 17 toukokuuta 2022

    Superfin färg och håller hela dagen. Jag har ofta problem med att mascaror kladdar av sig på ögonlocken efter ett par timmar, men den här sitter där den ska:)

  • Tekijältä MV 01 lokakuuta 2022

    Okay length but very dry and drizzly. Not buying again

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