Build-Up Mascara Extra Volume Waterproof

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  • Pitkäkestoinen, vedenkestävä koostumus
  • XL-kokoinen harja

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Karnaubavaha - luo ripsien ympärille rakennekalvon, joka auttaa paksuntamaan ja kosteuttamaan niitä.

Isododecane, Paraffin, VP/Eicosene Copolymer, Cera Alba/Beeswax, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Pentaerythrityl Hydrogenated Rosinate, Copernicia Cerifera Cera/Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Polybutene, Silica, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Talc, Kaolin, [+/- CI77007/Ultramarines, CI77491, CI77492, CI77499/Iron Oxides]. Disclaimer This list of ingredients represents the formulation that is currently being supplied by us as a manufacturer, please note that it does not take into consideration possible previous/alternative versions available for sale. There is however printed list of ingredients on each individual product that is valid at all times, so we recommend that consumers always check ingredient list on product packaging for correct information of the content.

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4,1 out of 60 arvostelusta

Viimeisimmät arvostelut

  • Tekijältä Daria 05 tammikuuta 2020

    I love this Build-up Mascara, dark blue no 23. I used it for some years, the only problem is were I can buy it now?

    IsaDoran vastaus 20-01-14 08.31

    Hi Daria, We are delighted to hear that you like our products! For information on where to purchase, please contact our customer service on Best regards, Your IsaDora Team

  • Tekijältä Missjacksonx 10 toukokuuta 2019

    I love this mascara, I love how it’s buildable and lasts longer then my usual mascara. It’s a great consistency and makes my lashes look fuller when using the mascara. I would highly recommend and already told my friends and family to buy.

  • Tekijältä VAA88 09 toukokuuta 2019

    Another excellent addition to my make up routine! This mascara is very easy to apply and stays on for hours and hours! It is truly waterproof, no smudges! I also love that it gives my lashes a lot of extra volume after only a few applications.

  • Tekijältä Tanyel 06 kesäkuuta 2019

    I use this mascara as an every day mascara. Makes my lashes look quite lifted and thicker but not overly for a more night time look. Super buildable formula which I love about this. Brush is simple yet very effective.

  • Tekijältä DreamsInBlack 03 kesäkuuta 2019

    I hadn't come across this Swedish brand before trying this mascara so I wasn't sure what to expect. The packaging is stylish and contemporary, and the mascara itself is a generous size. The wand makes it easy to apply the product evenly with no clumps. I found the formula to be a little wet compared to other mascaras I use although, once dry, it doesn't smudge and stays put all day. It is called Build Up Mascara but I had to allow a few minutes between coats and while it did give jet black, defined lashes, I didn't get the volume I would have liked. It's perfectly fine as a regular, everyday mascara and gives definition to my fine, fair lashes but I would like more volume.

  • Tekijältä Lisha 02 kesäkuuta 2019

    I was a little disappointed with this mascara. Reason being, it hardly made any difference to my eyelashes. I have small eyelashes already and it didn't define them or make them appear any longer like some of my other mascaras. It's just a standard mascara for me compared to some of the more defining mascaras I have.

    IsaDoran vastaus 20-02-21 10.24

    Hi Lisha, Thank you for your comment, we are sorry to hear about your experience. If you have small lashes, we recommend that you try our Precision Mascara instead: Please note that this one is not waterproof, however it is a perfect mascara for definition, separation and length especially for small lashes. We hope you like it! Best, Your IsaDora Team

  • Tekijältä Lauraslife_1 01 kesäkuuta 2019

    This mascara not only provides added length to my eyelashes but it is also both water and smudge proof. The brush is firm but the bristlyes are soft which makes it very easy to apply. The mascara lasts all day but can be removed with some make up remover.

  • Tekijältä Johura1737 01 kesäkuuta 2019

    IsaDora Mascara is absolutely gorgeous. The appearance of IsaDora Mascara alone looks classic. Every woman should carry this around in their handbag.The fact that it is Waterproof is added bonus. I would recommend to everyone.

  • Tekijältä CAASEA29 30 toukokuuta 2019

    I have really sensitive eyes that tend to stream in bright sunlight/wind so sometimes find that I arrive to work after my cycle commute with my mascara all down my face - non ideal. So I need a mascara that is waterproof but also provides other benefits - such as volume building. This mascara really does its job - it doesn't budge and gives me well defined lashes!

  • Tekijältä Jezynka 30 toukokuuta 2019

    I have tried many brands of mascara before, but this one for the first time just now. It is ok. I am not sure whether I will buy it again, maybe if they have a different colour on offer. It hasn't run, which is a good thing, but I was expecting a bit more definition of my eyes lashes.

  • Tekijältä Kez1106 29 toukokuuta 2019

    I’d never tried Isa Dora make up before but am really pleased I have given it a try. The waterproof mascara is fab. I’ve used other mascaras that say they are waterproof but actually have come off but I took my baby swimming and it was still all in place and not running after! Fab.

  • Tekijältä Kg268 29 toukokuuta 2019

    In terms of waterproof and long lasting this product was great. However I am really fussy with mascara and like one that helps to make my eyelashes look longer rather than thicker, and I felt this product was too clumpy for me.

  • Tekijältä Dana27 29 toukokuuta 2019

    One of the best mascaras I have ever tried. Very good texture, making lashes visibly bigger, but still in natural look. It isn't crumbling even after hours. Easy to remove. I am very happy with it. Already recommended to friends.

  • Tekijältä Kimhyde83 27 toukokuuta 2019

    I use waterproof mascara daily and this is by far the most waterproof one I've ever used. Showers, swimming and daily wear and it doesn't budge! It takes time to build up the layers, I wouldn't use this if you were in a rush. The brush is very big and I ended up getting mascara over my eyelids to start with.

  • Tekijältä Henni 25 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara stays on very well all day with no transfer. It gives you a good level of volume for day wear but not too over the top. It goes come off with cleanser as long as your are patient. Great wand makes it really easy to apply.

  • Tekijältä Mamachivs 22 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara goes on really well but I wouldn't say it was 'extra volume'. It coats the lashes evenly without clumping and is water proof but easy to remove with a make up wipe. I like that the brush is a normal mascara wand and it doesn't come out of the tube with lots of product on it. It has just the right amount.

  • Tekijältä Gnome88 22 toukokuuta 2019

    I really like the wand on this mascara and it's a good dark black colour. However the product is really wet at first, as soon as put it on and blink it transfers everywhere. Which is a pain when you've already done your other make up. Once the product dries down it lasts all day and does seem waterproof but putting it on is a hassle. It makes my lashes longer and separates them well. Shame it doesn't dry quicker

  • Tekijältä Sammyconz 22 toukokuuta 2019

    I've had this mascara for a few weeks now and I love it. Gives great definition on the lashes and really stands out. I took it to Spain with to test on a evening out as some waterproof mascaras I've had still smear across my eyes lol and thus really is waterproof. I got back at 6am still looking as fresh as I went out (In my opinion) :-) I've also been swimming with it on and rubbed my eyes and yet it still stayed firmly on my lashes. I would definetly recommend this to anybody. It doesn't clump either. I would add a couple of layers as it stands out more.

  • Tekijältä Kashi71 21 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara is so good. It adds volume to your lashes whilst truely being waterproof. I always use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to lift my lashes as they fall flat naturally. This mascara is good, it doesn’t flake through out the day, I really enjoy using it. It does take a bit more longer to remove as to be expected with it being waterproof, but it’s so worth it because it gives me peace of mind my mascara won’t run when my eyes water.

  • Tekijältä Jackie27 21 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara is so nice, not clumpy like some. It’s great for a gradual build. I’ve not heard of this brand before but I will definitely buy more of their products now I have tried this. Great attractive packaging too

  • Tekijältä Angelsocks588 21 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara really did what it was advertised to do. I barely have any eyelashes and have struggled to find a mascara that makes my eyelashes fuller. This product did. I especially like the fact it's waterproof, which for me is an important factor.

  • Tekijältä KBrown 21 toukokuuta 2019

    I bought this prior to going on holiday looking for something I can wear around the pool. This worked a treat, didn't smudge or sweat and stayed on well. I like that you can build it up to add volume too.

  • Tekijältä Daisyadnan 21 toukokuuta 2019

    Great mascara makes your lashes looking very long and so much volume to it. The brush is perfect to coat all your lashes few times , best thing about the mascra is that its waterproof so no more mascra down face runing your make up.

  • Tekijältä Mommyof6 20 toukokuuta 2019

    I like the fact that this mascara is waterproof and that’s what I always look for in a mascara and also this mascara has no scent another reason I like it when I apply about two coats it doesn’t clog my lashes separates and looks good and the wand its a good big wand only thing wish it lifted my lashes more and gave me more volume but again the fact that it separates my lashes and it’s a good black and it’s waterproof proof I would recommend it

  • Tekijältä Pretzelnutt 20 toukokuuta 2019

    I love this. I love that you can layer it up to go from an everyday natural look to big dramatic lashes without it clumping & sticking your lashes together. Great definition. Brilliant to use if going from work to after work drinks and want to freshen up your make up and have a more dramatic look without needing to carry extra products around with you.

  • Tekijältä Ellyrarg 20 toukokuuta 2019

    Great consistency, liked how it looked when on and it was very buildable! No clumps either which was good. Did not love the wand, it’s one of those bristle brush wands. Other than that held up to tears and rain, so very happy with that!

  • Tekijältä Mummyk 19 toukokuuta 2019

    Isadora Mascara applied well. Glided onto my lashes giving extra volume but not clumping my eye lashes whilst applying. Glides well to lashes, not a thick coating left my eye lashes feeling like they had more voluminous without being heavy on the eye. Being waterproof is a bonus, easy to remove with micelar water. Beautiful packaging. I do not like wearing false lashes as i find they irritate my lashes, this product gave me the volume i wanted with a natural look.

  • Tekijältä Bunnykins 17 toukokuuta 2019

    This is a good basic waterproof mascara, easy to build up and each layer goes on cleanly without clumping. It lengthens and defines my lashes adding volume and is waterproof so makes a great everyday work mascara. It makes a good bottom lash mascara too as it doesn't smudge. It's a good product and does what it says. Only negative is it can take a little longer to dry when first applied so can smudge on top eye lid before fully dried. But you can just wipe it off. Its easily removed with micellar water or coconut oil at the end of the day.

  • Tekijältä Mich1980 17 toukokuuta 2019

    Love this mascara it lasted me all day even after going swimming and no smudging or flaking only gripe I have with it is I struggled to get it off and has to really scrub my eyes to remove it. Perfect for a holiday.

  • Tekijältä Rebecca 17 toukokuuta 2019

    I really like this mascara. I wore it to go swimming, and it didn't run at all, so it's truly waterproof (which is amazing as I work outside in the rain at times!). I found that one coat made my lashes look really natural, and a few more coats really built it up nicely so that my lashes looked long and thick. Perfect for work and nights out!

  • Tekijältä Renata 17 toukokuuta 2019

    This IsaDora waterproof mascara has a lovely brush/wand for a natural and non clumping application, which makes lashes look very natural, however, even though, the mascara itself is wonderfully waterproof, I found it that it took a long time to dry, which made lashes loose volume and almost made them droopy, it is ideal for those who seek a natural look and wear very little make up.

  • Tekijältä Mrs_C 16 toukokuuta 2019

    Before using this mascara, I have been using Kat Von D Go Big or Go Home mascara. I feel they both create the same final effect, although with the Isadora it just takes more time to build it up. The packaging is very cool, the blue is super striking. The mascara itself is really Good,im put it on and went for a run and it didn't even fail or give me panda eyes! I also use a reusable make up cloth to take my make up off, and there are no problems there =)

  • Tekijältä Faz2 15 toukokuuta 2019

    at the start I was like I can’t see a major difference as the product was so evenly applied in the lashes and I couldn’t see the mascara in my lashes as with other products am use to seeing some lumps or so but with this one there’s not lumps at all , the eyelashes don’t look like you have 1 kilo of mascara on them it looks super natural but with your eyelashes looking volumised then I read on it that it’s a build up so you can apply more than once to achieve the length you want, and when I did I wasn’t disappointed it really did the job and my eyelashes were looking so full and widely spread as if I was wearing extensions.

  • Tekijältä Leri0430 15 toukokuuta 2019

    I absolutely loved this mascara because it definitely made my eyelashes look much thicker and fuller. I was complimented so many times. I just thought no need for lash extensions. There are clumps which was a bonus.

  • Tekijältä Ellebell89 15 toukokuuta 2019

    I really loved this mascara, takes a little while to dry but that's ideal when building it up as it prevents it from clumping. I didn't think it very waterproof though as later in the day I got caught in some rain and it was running down my face!

  • Tekijältä Gee65xx 15 toukokuuta 2019

    Bit dissapointed with this mascara,I found the brush to be a bit stiff and hard , it didn't go on as I was expecting,it was a bit thin for me .The first application went on like eye liner and it took about 3 coats to get it to look as If I had some on.I think if it was used on thicker lashes it would be a lot better.

  • Tekijältä Jai0 15 toukokuuta 2019

    Superb mascara, gives extra volume and lovely long looking lashes with the added benefit of being waterproof. I struggle with mascara making my eyes itchy, but not with this one. An excellent mascara which last throughout the day and makes your lashes look lovely. Highly recommended.

  • Tekijältä Trendsetter 15 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara is great it goes on really smooth with no clumping. The wand is a normal straight wand with good length bristles to give good lift and after a few strokes a great volume is created. The tube looks and feels great too. My eyes water some days ruining my make up but I’m happy to say this didn’t budge and lasted all day without running or flaking I’m really impressed !!

  • Tekijältä Jackg 123 14 toukokuuta 2019

    This is great Mascara and definitely one you can apply in the morning and will last all day with now smudging, it's given my little lashes so much volume and doesn't clump, I suffer from watering eyes so this is amazing for me as it's waterproof and I can vouch for that as I've had no panda eyes since using, all round great mascara.

  • Tekijältä ishuritiii 14 toukokuuta 2019

    IsaDora - Build-up Mascara Extra Volume Waterproof is one of the best I have used till date , I have long lashes but not very full so it gives dramatic look to my eyes fuller and longer lashes. I am not a big fan of fake lashes so this works perfectly for me in giving me desired look.

  • Tekijältä Kimmyk 14 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara really is worth every penny! It's such great quality and easy to apply! The mascara brush is just the right size and helps to evenly apply to lashes. The mascara holds in place and is waterproof. I really like this product.

  • Tekijältä nickygibbo 14 toukokuuta 2019

    I’ve been really impressed with his mascara as not only does it leave my lashes looking lovely all day but it’s great that it’s waterproof. The mascara adds volume and length to my lashes and has proven to be a great product to use! no clumps either which is fantastic!

  • Tekijältä Stubeck 13 toukokuuta 2019

    I love this mascara, lasted all day, no irritation or runs,decent sized wand, dried fairly quickly and covered every lash. Left my lashes looking longer and fuller,without the heavy weight feeling. No clumpiness either defiantly will be recommending to family and friends.

  • Tekijältä ashak1984 13 toukokuuta 2019

    I tried this Mascara being dubious as alot of Mascara's on the market deem themselves to be waterproof but not really doing the trick. IsaDora Mascara glides on easily, the mascara does need to be built up to get the desired effect but it goes on easily with the large brush and does not leave any clumps, each eyelash is sperate and defined. It is definitely waterproof it took a bit of time getting it all off at the end of the day. Its a lovely product and great for everyday wear.

  • Tekijältä Dawnbutterfly10 13 toukokuuta 2019

    So trying the mascara for the first time by this company and omg I love it, light on the eye lashes, spread beautiful and lasted all day and even had a test in the pouring rain and no smudges, so pleased with this. I will highly recommend this product to family and friends as it's definitely one I'm going to buy in the fortune. One of my favourite products to date

  • Tekijältä Rudigucci 13 toukokuuta 2019

    This is the first waterproof mascara I have had in a while and I was pleasantly surprised. Having really short eyelashes Ive tried so many mascaras to try and lengthen them. This mascara helped lengthen them and stayed on really well. Did not smudge at all. It was easy to remove with a make up wipe though as well. Would definately recommend.

  • Tekijältä EmzChoonage 12 toukokuuta 2019

    This mascara is amazing. From the first time of using my lashes looked fuller. I've tried a few waterproof mascara's over time and this is most certainly the best. I suffer with watery eyes and and as a waterproof mascara I don't have to worry about ending up with black marks around my eyes. I will definitely be buying this from now on.

  • Tekijältä Lucky74 11 toukokuuta 2019

    IsaDora Build Up Mascara Extra Volume Waterproof is indeed a lovely mascara. It was so easy to apply without causing any clogging on my lashes at all. I was able to easily apply 3 thin coats for a natural yet luscious feel. Coating each individual lash without sticking to one another yet giving my lashes volume. Its great to know its waterproof too as I suffer from dry eyes and so I usually end up with smudged makeup but this stayed put all day with no problems at all.

  • Tekijältä Moominatormama 11 toukokuuta 2019

    I'm so happy I received this mascara because my eyes are my best feature and I'm able to showcase them to the very best as this mascara gives me the longest blackest lashes I've ever had. I absolutely love it

  • Tekijältä Missjacksonx 10 toukokuuta 2019

    I love this mascara, I love how it’s buildable and lasts longer then my usual mascara. It’s a great consistency and makes my lashes look fuller when using the mascara. I would highly recommend and already told my friends and family to buy.

  • Tekijältä VAA88 09 toukokuuta 2019

    Another excellent addition to my make up routine! This mascara is very easy to apply and stays on for hours and hours! It is truly waterproof, no smudges! I also love that it gives my lashes a lot of extra volume after only a few applications.

  • Tekijältä Sylvi Henriksen 26 elokuuta 2020

    How do I buy it? Im just trying to order it online and I can only find reviews and other stuff. Where is the link to order?

    IsaDoran vastaus 21-10-04 06.53

    Hi Sylvi, we don't sell via our website unfortunately, please send an email to and we'll help you find a reseller :) Best

  • Tekijältä Joyce Nealon 14 syyskuuta 2020

    Hello,can you help me ,I used to buy you navy waterproof mascara and I loved it,it didn’t make my eyes sore .I can not get it any where in Ireland so I have to used an other brand .I used a lot of you make up ..Can you please let me know where I can buy it ..Joyce Nealon

    IsaDoran vastaus 21-09-24 10.46

    Hi Joyce, if you could send an email with your question to, we will try to help you find a reseller in Ireland! Best

  • Tekijältä Linda 12 joulukuuta 2020

    Jag har använt denna i många år, men de senaste två gångerna har något ändrats i mascaran. Trodde det var tillfälligt, så jag köpte en samma problem. Mascaran är ”tyngre” och böjningen jag gjort innan tyngs ner igen. Den känns klumpigare och är inte som den brukar. Har något ändrats? Den fungerar inte för mig längre.

    IsaDoran vastaus 21-09-24 10.33

    Hej Linda, tråkigt att höra. Vi har bytt formula så det kan vara därför du upplever skillnad. Vi skulle rekommendera att du provar vår Big Bold Waterproof Mascara, hoppas du hittar en vattenfast mascara du gillar! :) Vh

  • Tekijältä Sharon L Kuiper 26 helmikuuta 2021

    This is my absolute favorite mascara! I wish I knew where I could find it in the USA!!

    IsaDoran vastaus 21-03-01 10.18

    Hi Sharon! If you send an email to we will try to help you :) Best, team IsaDora

  • Tekijältä Ann 23 toukokuuta 2021

    Har använt den här mascaran väldigt länge och älskat den. Men nu måste formulan ändrats. När man böjt fransarna rätar mascaran ut dem (har aldrig hänt förr), oh efter ett par timmar är man grådaskig under ögonen. Hände aldrig förr heller. Trist när en superbra mascara förändras! Varför? Det kommer ju så många nya så de gamla kunde väl få vara som de är?!

    IsaDoran vastaus 21-10-01 11.43

    Hej Ann, tack för din input. Dessvärre behöver vi ibland av olika anledningar uppdatera formulan eller enstaka ingredienser, men vi försöker givetvis alltid att bibehålla kvaliteten. Beklagar att den inte lever upp till dina förväntningar! Vi har uppdaterat den nyligen igen, om du önskar kan du skriva dina kontaktuppgifter till så kan vi skicka en ny som vi hoppas du blir nöjd med! Vh

  • Tekijältä Jenni 25 toukokuuta 2021

    This was my all time favourite since 2006, unfortunately inci/formulation has changed, and there is no information about reformulation anywhere. In my opinion new formula is not as good as old one.

    IsaDoran vastaus 21-10-01 11.22

    Hello, thank you for your input. Unfortunately we for different reasons need to update the formula or specific ingredients but we always try to maintain the high quality. We are sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with the new formula. We recently updated it again so if you wish, we could send you another sample that we hope is to your satisfaction! You can write an email to and we will help you from there :) Best

  • Tekijältä Nellie 05 lokakuuta 2021

    This mascara has BEEN the best one I’ve ever had. However has my latest purchases been very disappointing. It’s not holding the curl like before, it is too wet and it takes time for it to dry. My lashes looks terrible with it. It used to give my flat lashes a chance to stay curled, and to build up volume. The latest ones I have bought has not reached that. It must be some new, unimproved formula.

    IsaDoran vastaus 22-05-09 11.51

    Hi Nellie, we're sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the mascara. We have gotten feedback from more people on this issue and we are currently working on a new improved formula! Best, team IsaDora

  • Tekijältä Jessica 28 tammikuuta 2022

    Har använt i mer än 10 år och varit hur nöjd som helst och helt plötsligt går den inte att använda. Torkar aldrig, rätar ut böjda fransar och hamnar under ögonen efter några timmar. Trodde det var ett måndagsexemplar men efter den tredje beställda fick jag med sorg inse att jag får hitta en ny favoritmascara. Så himla tråkigt!

    IsaDoran vastaus 22-05-09 11.53

    Hej Jessica, vi beklagar att du inte är nöjd med din mascara. Vi har fått liknande feedback från andra kunder och jobbar just nu på en updaterad förbättad formula! Vh, team IsaDora

  • Tekijältä Carolin 10 joulukuuta 2023

    Bästa maskaran men var hittar jag en fullständig innehållsdeklaration? Mvh Carolin

    IsaDoran vastaus 24-02-22 13.48

    Hej Carolin, tack för din kommentar. Vår hemsida är nu uppdaterad med fullständig innehållsdekaration. Du finner denna under "ingredienser", hoppas att detta hjälper! /Team IsaDora

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