Conscious beauty should be safe beauty


We strongly believe in safe beauty that is accessible to everyone, no matter the amount of time at hand or size of your wallet.

Conscious beauty should be safe beauty

Cruelty Free Since 1983

Against animal testing since the founding days

In our mission to deliver high quality, affordable and vibrant beauty to all, we strongly believe that it should not cause harm throughout the process. Although there has been a complete ban on animal testing within the EU since 2009, non-animal testing has been at the core of our business since we were first established in 1983. Irrespective of any law, we’ve never tested our products on animals, nor do we ask third parties to, and never will.

Clinically Tested

Your health comes first

In our mission to always empower you to unleash your unique beauty, your health and safety are top priorities for us. That is why all our products go through strict clinical (and non-animal) testing that comply with the US Food and Drug Administration, EU directives and Japanese regulations. Each of our tests have a purpose and are tailored to the products’ intention. We don’t believe in testing just for the sake of testing. The final formula is however always tried and tested with real people before entering your makeup pouch to ensure the most accurate and adequate results. No cutting corners.

Fragrance Free

High-quality ingredients with a purpose

With fragrance being one of the most common allergens in the world, we want to create products that can be used by as many people as possible. Thus, none of our products contain artificial fragrances since day one. Having nothing to mask with perfume places demands on our ingredients to be of high quality and standards. Over the course of four decades we’ve developed our own production where all formulas are made in Europe to ensure the highest quality levels. Close collaborations with leading suppliers and specialists further guarantee access to quality raw materials and reliable results. By being completely fragrance free our products are suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin too.

Product Safety

No hidden agendas

We take the safety and transparency of our products very seriously. All items have their complete ingredient list printed on the packaging itself for you to always be able to make an informed decision based on your personal preferences. It is also crucial for us to know that upon purchasing an IsaDora product, you’re the first and only one to have opened it. Thus, all eye and lip products are covered with plastic sleeves.

Ophthalmologically Tested

Safe for your eyes too

Such a difficult word with a very simple definition. All our eye products are ophthalmologically tested, which means that they’ve been tested for safe use around the eyes under the supervision of an eye specialist. So, whether you wear contacts, glasses, or have sensitive eyes you can trust our products too.


Always striving for improvement

We are constantly striving to discover new innovative solutions and make better, more conscious choices. Thus, we always choose synthetic or vegetal options over animal ones when possible. Our range of vegan-friendly products is continuously developing and growing. Formulated without any animal-derived ingredients*, they still live up to the colorful, high-quality, performing formulas that we take pride in.

*Products without beeswax, carmine/CI 75470, honey, keratin and lanolin.