696-Second Nail Pink

Wonder Nail Second Nail

Nail hardener that instantly restructures nails’ surface.

  • Builds volume in one coat for thicker and smoother nails
  • Shields tips and edges from splitting
  • Provides a high-gloss finish

696 Second Nail Pink

A new nail in seconds!

Second Nail is the rescue for soft, thin and weak nails prone to
flaking, splitting and breaking. It builds volume in one stroke with
the wide brush – a “second” nail in seconds.

Provides an extremely hard, thick and smooth coating that shields
the nail surface, edge and tip, to limit breaking and splitting.
Nails are noticeably restructured to a stronger, thicker, smoother
and harder yet flexible condition. Extremely glossy finish!

Second Nail is loaded with active ingredients proven to harden and
improve the condition of the nails after 4 weeks of regular use.
Can be used as a base coat or alone for a glossy transparent natural
finish. Apply 1-2 coats.

Remove with IsaDora Nail Polish Remover.

Calcium – hydrating, nourishing
Marine minerals – moisturizing
Vitamin E – antioxidizing
Omega 3 and 6 – restores nails suppleness
Olive leaf extract – antioxidizing
Argan oil – hydrating, anti-oxidizing
Ginkgo biloba – anti-oxidizing
Red tea – revitalizing, soothing
Sunflower seed oil – emollient,
contains Omega 6


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