Face Primer Under Cover Blurring

  • Blurs spots and redness, while soothing the skin
  • Fills in and smoothens out fine lines and uneven texture
  • Contains moisturizing and firming properties
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Almost like that good friend that never gives away your secrets, our blurring Face Primer Undercover conceals the parts of your skin that you’d rather keep between yourself and the bathroom mirror. With a special Soft Molding Technology, the clear, “non-silicone”-feeling formula, weightlessly hides spots, neutralizes redness, and fills in and smoothens out fine lines and texture. In the long-run it also helps your skin retain moisture and elasticity, making this primer a true multi-tasker.

Blend of bamboo silica and pea extract – boosts the skin’s production of collagen, making it firmer.
Caffeine – improves blood circulation and decreases the visibility of dark circles.
Sodium Hyaluronate – a small molecule in the family of hyaluronic acid. Because it’s small it has an easier time penetrating the skin, helping it retain more moisture.

Apply all over clean face and wear it by its own, or underneath makeup as a priming base.

For tailored results that suit your skin type, we suggest targeting different areas with different primers. We especially love this blurring primer for the under-eye area.


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  • By Maria 19 April 2023

    Det blir en så fin och jämn yta. Det gör att min foundation lägger sig ännu bättre!

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