Lash Energy Treatment Mascara

  • Nourishes and defines lashes
  • Stimulates microcirculation
  • Provides a healthy, glossy finish
  • Magnifies and thickens lashes
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Like the best wake up call for your lashes, Lash Energy marries your favorite mascara with a lash-boosting serum for volume and care. Its full bristle brush defines, separates and lifts, coating each lash with a smudge-free, naturally derived nourishing formula. A unique blend of algae extracts, known for its stimulating properties, improves blood flow, paving way for stronger and healthier lashes. Available in black for added volume and intensity, and clear for a natural, “your lashes, but better” look.

Marine algae extract blend – stimulating and cleansing properties that improve microcirculation and cell turnover.
Vegetal extracts – all natural, loving ingredients from Mother Nature that help protect, nourish and soothe your lashes.

Apply onto clean lashes from root to tip. Gently twist and push the soft bristles against your lash root as you run through your lashes for more lift, volume and separation.

Boost your lashes by using the clear formula as an over-night treatment.


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Latest reviews

  • By LitenE 18 April 2022

    Den svarta är den bästa mascaran som finns. Sitter hela dagen och behåller formen/böjen på fransarna. Bygger tjocklek och längd. Hygienförpackad är den också.

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