10 Sec High Impact Volume Mascara

  • Full volume within 10 seconds per eye
  • Water-resistant, smudge- and flake-free formula
  • Creamy, buildable and flexible texture
  • Ergonomic brush for quick and easy one-stroke volume

Our 10 sec High Impact Volume Mascara is all about sculpting the luscious lashes you want without compromising on time or effort. The smudge- and flake-free, water-resistant formula has a creamy, buildable texture that delivers full volume in, yes, only 10 seconds! The ergonomic brush follows the natural shape of the eye, capturing and hugging each lash from root to tip, amplifying them to the max. What you get is effortless definition and thicker, longer lashes in a flash.

Synthetic and natural wax blend – delivers a creamy texture that builds volume while also providing a flexible, light film over your lashes.

Gently press and wriggle the brush against the root of your lashes. Sweep through to the tips. Repeat to build even more volume.


4.8 out of 12 reviews

Latest reviews

  • By Nina 05 September 2020

    Best I have ever tried. Easy to apply and super high quality. Nice from a Swedish brand

  • By Angelique 10 September 2020

    My new favorite! 10 sec = perfect eyes! Wow! ❤️

  • By Charlotte 10 September 2020

    En ny favorit! Går snabbt och lätt att applicera. Ger fint böjda fransar och sitter bra! <3

  • By Ninnie 11 September 2020

    Really do work in 10 seconds! A bit wet in the beginning but after a few uses it's great.

  • By Anna-Lena 11 September 2020

    Perfect mascara for my stressy mornings! Big plus that it's vegan.

  • By Jenny 11 September 2020

    Perfect Lashes in 10 seconds. My natural lashes are light and I need my mascara to cover each lash completely and this one does. I sometimes like to apply a second layer for more volume for an evening make-up and for that this mascara is excellent as well. A bit dry on the lashes after a long days use.

  • By Cecilia 13 September 2020

    Easy to apply with immediate perfect result. Never gets flaky not even after many uses.

  • By Amanda 14 September 2020

    This mascara is so good - it gives me lots of volume in no time. Lovely!

  • By Josefin 24 February 2021

    Superbra mascara som ger perfekt separation och mycket volym. Kommer definitivt köpas igen

  • By J.A 01 April 2021

    Superbra mascara som är en ny favorit!

  • By Reeta 01 May 2021

    After 3-5 layers it looks okay. Easy to work with and feels light on eyes. Not my favourite and pretty expensive for the quality. I will use the rest of it but won't buy again.

  • By Emmy Bartler 31 January 2023

    I bought this mascara for my partner and she loved it, good ingredient, useful brush and nice container.

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