Glossy Eyeliner

  • Gives shiny, high-pigment results
  • Waterproof and quick-drying
  • Easy and fun to use
40 Chrome Black 40 Chrome Black

We love a good “wet look” with this water-based, glossy liquid eyeliner. Its shiny finish and superb adherence makes it a party staple in our makeup bag. The waterproof, quick-drying formula easily glides on to the lash line thanks to the pointy, flexible applicator tip. The results are sleek and glamorous with just the right amount of drama – everything needed for a night out.

Capric Triglycerides – emollient to ensure just the right slip.

Shake well before opening. Go from thick to thin by adjusting the pressure. Not suitable for use in waterline.


4.6 out of 50 reviews

Latest reviews

  • By Missjacksonx 10 May 2019

    I got this last week and can honestly say it’s amazing, it’s waterproof and the brush is not too hard or too soft to makes it easier to apply. Would highly recommend, already told my friends and family to purchase.

  • By VAA88 09 May 2019

    This eyeliner has been a great addition to my make up routine! It stays glossy for hours and is very easy to apply. I find that it’s hard sometimes to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner look but this made it so easy. Love it!

  • By MelissaM88 04 June 2019

    I don’t usually use liquid eyeliners because they tend to be quite messy. But this one was quite good. The applicator is nice, the end could have been a little thinner, allowing for a finer line. But overall it has a nice pigment and looks great.

  • By Lauralouise88 31 May 2019

    Make my eyes really jump up and become so noticeable. Went on really easily too sometimes I struggle with eyeliner however thid one went on smooth easy and perfect first time. I will continue using this. Full and perfect

  • By Dee_1 30 May 2019

    Love this Glossy Eyeliner. It is easy to apply and it dries quit quick however it stays looking glossy all day. It does not smudge and is easy to clean off at night. The applicator is comfortable to use.

  • By CAASEA29 30 May 2019

    I really enjoy using this eyeliner. It is really easy to apply, gives really vivid black colour and stays put all day - the mark (for me) of a really great eyeliner. I feel like it will last for a long time for me too.

  • By MicheBee 25 May 2019

    This is a little miracle in a bottle. I haven't got on with other liquid eyeliners because they were too tricky to use, but this Glossy Eyeliner - 40 Chrome Back is just brilliant. The tiny brush and shaped wand makes it so easy to use and apply. It literally is so sleek and smooth to use, can't get over the brilliant delicate brush. It glides on and leaves a slick black line, flick on the eye lid/eye area just where you need it. It's long lasting and waterproof which is fantastic. It's a big TICK from me. Will be purchasing other colours for sure

  • By Wal8489 24 May 2019

    This is one of the smoothest, glossiest and blackest eyeliner I have ever used. I think I'm in love. It glides on perfectly and stays put in place. This lasted for over 8 hours as I was working in an office environment. It is smudge proof and water proof. I literally tested it with water and it survived my test. The bottle is cute and the wand has a pointed end that gives a sharp winged liner. I am obsessed.

  • By hannah111 24 May 2019

    This Is a great eyeliner, it's a really dark black whereas sometimes I find they can be slightly off black so this is great colour wise. It applys in a really silky smooth way and is really easy to give a perfect finish

  • By Ayla 22 May 2019

    This eyeliner wand was different to my usual soft tipped ones so it took a while to get used to the hard tip. Once I got the hang of it, my eyeliner wings went on beautifully. It lasted all day despite me washing my face a few times, its not smudged at all. I remove it using face wash, wipes and cleansing water. It's definitely glossy and waterproof

  • By diya82 22 May 2019

    This eyeliner was a really nice black eyeliner , the tip was easy to use and went on nicely as I drew the line. It dried quickly and lasted the whole day it didn’t fade away at the tip as my existing one did . It’s a sleek black bottle and with a sleek tip , needless to say this is my new eye liner and my old one is being discarded !!

  • By Cezzabelle 22 May 2019

    I have been using this eyeliner for a while now and it is so easy to use. The wand due to the long handle is easy to grip and just glides on. I’m no expert in applying makeup but even I could get lovely straight lines where I wanted them. This does stay put all day and comes off easily with makeup remover. Very smudge proof and stays on even in shower so you definitely need remover to take it off bits that’s the beauty of waterproof eyeliner

  • By MrsMatthews84 22 May 2019

    I’ve used quite a few eyeliners and some have been really difficult to use accurately. I was pleased that this one had a firm tip which made it easier to do the corner curl Quite a bit comes out on the applicator so I had to brush off some before use on my eye It held on throughout the day and came off easily at the end of the day with a make up wipe and no specific eye make up remover was needed which is helpful All in all I would definitely reccomend to others and use again

  • By KBrown 21 May 2019

    I love an eyeliner and this did exactly as expected. I liked the ease of the applicator, and it went on well. It stayed all day and night which I was impressed by, didn't flake off like some other brands I have. I would definitely purchase again.

  • By vict19 21 May 2019

    Easy to apply and a very good, solid black line once you have done so. Only challenge was that it was a little hard to get off at the end of the day, but nothing a little extra eye makeup remover can't solve.

  • By BeautyMummy 20 May 2019

    As a teen I used to regularly line above the lash line of my eyelashes, I hadn't done so for a long time and wanted to give it a try again. I did originally buy a different branded product but struggled as the brush became thick which caused a messy application. This brush is really thin and straight which meant it applied excellently and didn't smudge at all, It didn't feel watery nor dried out either.

  • By Zoed 20 May 2019

    Love this product! It gives such accurate definition on your eyes and lasts all night, easy to apply and a great line very easy to hold and I’m terrible at doing straight lines!. A real luscious black too.

  • By Elmoz 20 May 2019

    Absolutely love this eyeliner! It is super easy to use, with a brush that can create precise lines, and a black that really stands out and doesn't fade! This is the first time I'm using this type of eyeliner, used to pen type but I didn't expect this is so easy to draw as well. And the best thing is it didn't smudge at all especially when I laughed too much! However, need to be careful when putting the brush back to the pot as it may fray the brush a little. This will definitely my favorite eyeliner!

  • By HarpK80 20 May 2019

    This liquid eyeliner takes pride and place in my make up drawer! And I believe it’s by far one of the best liners I’ve ever used! This eyeliner is brilliant for those sharp winged liner looks as the brush is extremely pointed and thin. I really love using this liquid eyeliner as it dried super shiny and not matte which I prefer. It didn’t crease when it was dry and it didn’t flake either which I find most eyeliners do these days! Absolutely love it and can’t recommend it enough, fabulous product!!

  • By Keljaneh 20 May 2019

    I struggle with my hands and I used to love making the perfect eye liner with the flick. I’ve struggled to find the right wand or pen trying many different brands until now. I found this one very easy to use. It glides as per description! Pulling my eye slightly to the slight and gliding the wand /tip liner over my lid. The product looks great on and didn’t smudge. It lasted all day ! It looked fantastic on and I can highly recommend!

  • By tricia84 18 May 2019

    This is by far the best liquid eyeliner I've used. I struggle to find eyeliners that don't smudge on my brow bone as I have hooded eyes, and this product did not budge. Application was really easy with the precision brush and did not apply too wetly or thickly. It was very easy to control each look I was going for, flick, cat eye etc.

  • By Mumof1 18 May 2019

    what can i say this is the liner i have been looking for, it stays put all day, easy to apply and looks great, i was worried this liquid eye liner would smudge but it was amazing, no smudge no budge. was so happy and surprised. i would highly recommend this liner.

  • By Hannah 17 May 2019

    This eyeliner is really easy to apply and doesn't come out of the pot too gunky like other eyeliners do. The colour is a gorgeous dark black and it's super easy to apply so can be used for a simple day look or made into a fab smokey eye with flick.

  • By catdw93 17 May 2019

    I enjoy this eyeliner, its very accurate, its a point and means my eyeliner doesn't go on too thick. Nice bottle shape and easy to use the brush end. The actual eyeliner wasn't gloopy or too thick/runny, great consistency and lasted all day, even when I had a nap it didn't wipe off so really recommend this.

  • By Leanne12374 16 May 2019

    I bought this glossy eyeliner to add definition to my eyes, as i suffer from hayfever i chose this product as it was waterproof. I was abit sceptical as ive had liquid liners in the past that havent been waterproof or just rubbed off very quick but not this one! The liner is 100% waterproof and the glossy black lasted all day, i was really impressed at how the liner still looked after a full day, even in a humid room where i work. The aplicator is sturdy with a pointed end, perfect to get the winged liner effect, i just need to master the art of doing it! Overall im very happy with the glossy liner and is a must have in anyones make up bag.

  • By Beautylover 16 May 2019

    I love how smooth it glides on and it never smears, i really love the applicator and the glossy touch. Quickly dries and lasts long, stays all day without fading. makes my eyes appear larger and more defined. I would highly recommend it.

  • By jjackson 16 May 2019

    This is a good eyeliner because it is waterproof and seems to stay on fairly well. It is also fairly easy to apply. It is not a significant improvement over a much cheaper eyeliner I usually buy but the applicator is perhaps slightly better.

  • By Hajra5612 16 May 2019

    This eyeliner is great, its very easy to apply and lasts all day/night Its waterproof which makes it an added bonus for anyone really and does not smudge I love the fact it gives a sleek look which can be achieved easily

  • By Ally1982 15 May 2019

    Love this eyeliner. It applied easily. the tip is super easy to control (if you are a beginner you may want to practise to get the lines right). It dried quickly whilst applying so i didnt get a smear on my eyelid. Its great that you can use this if you have sensitive skin and its not to overly shiny. Would be great for day or evening. Good quality eyeliner. Love it

  • By 43emz 15 May 2019

    This liquid eyeliner gives a glossy jet black high impact finish to my upper eyelid so I can get a really noticeable feline flick. It lasts all day long without smudging or transferring onto upper eyelids, as it's waterproof it stays put even if my eyes water from hayfever and also through a strenuous workout & it maintains that freshly applied glossy black finish throughout the day. The applicator is fine and tapered so you can choose to apply a thin or thick line with ease.

  • By AnnabelA 15 May 2019

    I do like this eyeliner and it stays on through out the day. It is slightly more difficult then other eyeliners I have used on the past to apply so recommend for skilled hands. Generally, I would recommend the product.

  • By Jt2183 15 May 2019

    I love this product , it’s easy to apply the thin brush helps u glide the perfect lines and it’s long lasting I would most certainly recommend this to anyone .. I’ve tried lots of liquid liners and this one is by far the best

  • By Sumar 15 May 2019

    I am a big lover of eyeliners I have just about have every brand out there. This one is just amazing jet black glossy! It doesn’t dry out while applying the liner half way through and it applies and come off like a treat no issue. The applier is firm and steady also beautifully pointy

  • By sylvia88 15 May 2019

    The eyeliner has a bit of shine but not too strong - no glitters or overly glossy. The colour is intense black and last great without leaving those black lines on the top of your eyelid. I was surprised that it actually stayed in place while exercising in the gym , as well as, easily removed with make up remover products. Love the product!

  • By Embird89 15 May 2019

    This eyeliner is so easy to use and glides on well, perfect for doing winged eyeliner. It stays on well and lasts all day. As it has a glossy finish it gives a very sleek look, perfect for a night out.

  • By YorkshireLass 15 May 2019

    The packaging is attractive and the wand is okay to use. Application isnt the easiest as the tip (in my opinion) could do with being a bit bigger/wider/longer. One good thing though is many liquid eyeliners claim to be jet black but in fact give off a faded black look - this eyeliner is jet black and has good staying power, doesnt smudge. Id have rated this product higher if the tip was a bit better.

  • By Jai0 15 May 2019

    Generally I am not an eyeliner user, however thought I’d try this one out and I haven’t been disappointed. Fantastic product, no smudging and very easy to apply. Gave lasting effects all day and did not smudge or come off despite eyes being rubbed on odd occasions. Received lots of comments from friends and colleagues on how lovely the eye liner looked. Highly recommended.

  • By Fae33 15 May 2019

    This fantastic eyeliner offers a precise application with its well designed wand tip and the glossy colour doesn't flake or wrinkle like most other eyeliner brands. I wore this to a friends party and it stayed put for several hours and I was very impressed. A must have beauty product!

  • By Kimmyk 14 May 2019

    I think this eyeliner is one of the best I have ever come accross. It is really quick and easy to apply. It is very bold and prominant once worn. The product doesn't smudge and stays in place. I think it's great.

  • By Gemster123 14 May 2019

    This is so easy to apply and to hold, it’s a lovely jet black colour so it’s really striking. its glossy on application and appearance so leaves a subtle pretty shine on the eye lid. Wouldn’t use on the bottom of the eye but looks lovely on the top also it wipes off easily as well at the end of the day. But didn’t last all day

  • By Cpotter1977 14 May 2019

    This is the best eyeliner I have used. It’s lovely and glossy and it’s waterproof and therefore doesn’t run as I have watery eyes. It lasted well and looked great! I recommend this product 100% best ever :)

  • By Cds2101 13 May 2019

    Glides on really well, doesn’t smudge, great applicator brush (not too thick) gives great black colour unlike some that you have to go over! Stayed on all day and evening! Would definitely purchase again!

  • By Sweetama 13 May 2019

    Right so after years of trying to perfect black tone eyeliner I finally got one !!!! The brush is sooo smooth and goes on smoothly and leaves a perfect effect. And even after a hot day and sweating the eyeliner didn’t come off as it’s waterproof. This is a must have.

  • By AAR1234 13 May 2019

    This eyeliner is long wearing and is waterproof so I will no doubt get a lot of use out of it. However, I did not find it particularly easy to apply (and as it is waterproof, errors take a little bit longer to correct than otherwise might be the case).

  • By Kaitlyn 13 May 2019

    I usually try to avoid liquid eyeliner because it can be messy and hard to apply. However this eyeliner is fantastic-the brush makes it so easy to apply and it doesn't get all over my eyelid! It is long lasting and doesn't smudge, however it easily comes off when I wash my face at night. Highly reccomended!!

  • By 98cromel 13 May 2019

    lovely eye liner isn't to runny just right to get a nice even line and finish my daughter has tried it also and says it's really nice and shiny but not 2 shiney. the brush is just about right to get that nice line also soft on the eye.

  • By Bili1 13 May 2019

    Easy to apply, quick-drying and waterproof. Easy to remove. Also love the gloss and shine to it. I’ve found it to be super long lasting and I love the shiny, “glossy” texture to it and sits really good. I must say the quality and pigmentation impressed me. Definitely recommend!

  • By SDunn1992 11 May 2019

    I love this eyeliner! Normally with liquids I buy the typical pen shaped ones but thought I would try IsaDora for a change and I love this one! The applicator is a perfect size for me, flawless winged eyeliner! Waterproof and didn't even need topped up when I wore it for the whole day! Will definately be buying again!

  • By Missjacksonx 10 May 2019

    I got this last week and can honestly say it’s amazing, it’s waterproof and the brush is not too hard or too soft to makes it easier to apply. Would highly recommend, already told my friends and family to purchase.

  • By VAA88 09 May 2019

    This eyeliner has been a great addition to my make up routine! It stays glossy for hours and is very easy to apply. I find that it’s hard sometimes to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner look but this made it so easy. Love it!

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