a need for speed

A Need for Speed

In 4 minutes, we set you up for the day – less time than it takes for your morning coffee order. Start off with our Skin Tint Perfecting Cream as your base. Next, sweep your lashes with 10 sec High Impact Mascara for amazing volume. Add our Brow Shaping Gel for neatly groomed brows. Accentuate your lips with nourishing Twist-Up Gloss Stick, a to-go product loved by many. If completing the look with a Wonder Nail shade, new Instant Dry Top Coat spares you the waiting game of any great manicure.


Don’t Chip the Paintwork

For nails that are instantly dry to the touch, we promise that our new Instant-dry Top Coat will wow you with its speed and efficiency! Its long-wearing formula locks in color fast, adding instant gloss to your nail polish for a vibrant finish. This crystal top coat will glide on easily and keep your nails from chipping – all while ensuring your favorite nail color stays on without fading!

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