packed full of nail-strengthening goodness

Packed full of nail-strengthening goodness

This tiny bottle of goodness is packed with guarding and nail-strengthening properties to help preserve the nails’ and cuticles’ natural microflora. All you need is one coat per day.

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Healthier, stronger nails

Dry, thin, brittle nails are the last thing you want. Probiotic Protection Nail Treatment is enriched with a powerful probiotic complex to help preserve the natural microflora in your nails and cuticles. Plus it’s pumped with AHA to improve your nail’s surface strength, as well as glycerin and Panthenol to keep your nails hydrated. What you get are stronger, healthier nails.

A part of your daily routine

Add the nail treatment to your self-care routine or whenever your nails need a boost. Simply massage the oil onto your nails every day to keep them looking and feeling their best.

Planning on polishing your nails after the treatment? Wash your hands and rinse off the treatment before applying any new nail color. Don’t forget to massage the oil onto your cuticles once your polish has dried to keep them looking fresh and revitalized.

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