IsaDora X Bower

Time to recycle your IsaDora products!

IsaDora X Bower

Recycle your IsaDora products

We want to encourage our IsaDora-consumers to recycle and at the same time contribute to the wellbeing of the environment. Therefore, we have chosen to start a collaboration with Bower (formerly PantaPå), which makes it possible to recycle all our products, while being rewarded with points. Smart huh?

The Bower app makes it possible to recycle all IsaDora's used and empty packaging through the use of a barcode at ordinary recycling stations. You will get rewarded with points that can be used to get discounts on your next purchase of IsaDora products or donate to a favorite charity. Quickly and easily, we have created a more sustainable cycle!

Consumers should feel truly confident that we are doing all that we can to minimize our impact on the environment. We are continuously working to promote responsible practices in all our processes and our organization, right through to waste management. We value our consumers and the joy and color that our products add to their lives. We believe this initiative will engage them in the quest to reduce our footprint on the planet.

It’s easy to recycle:

1. Go into the app and scan the barcode on your empty IsaDora product.

2. Bring the empty packaging to the nearest recycling station and confirm via the app that you are there. Put the product in the correct recycling bin! (In the app you will find tips on how to easily recycle in the right way)

3. You now get points in the app that you can use to redeem for a discount code or value check at the next product purchase. You can also donate them to charity.

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