Lip Care Routine

Pamper your lips with our 3-step guide for a healthy pout.

Lip Care Routine
Clean Start Exfoliating Lip Scrub
Step 1.

clean start exfoliating lip scrub

Help bring out the inner beauty of your lips by gently scrubbing away old skin. Natural sugar exfoliants in the scrub target and repair damaged skin, while your lips enjoy all the deep moisturising and enriching properties of Shea butter, together with the antioxidant and healing magic of Vitamin E and C. Your lips are left feeling exceptionally moist, supple and oh! so sumptuously smooth.

Use directly onto clean skin and massage in tiny circular motions to remove dead skin and encourage blood flow. Wipe off or rinse any excess, before applying your Smooth Color Hydrating Lip Balm or favourite lipstick.​

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Step 2.

smooth color hydrating lip balm

Give your lips the day long protection and care they so deserve. Lightweight, yet hydrating, our balm will melt onto your lips to give a natural hint of color and radiance. Infused with pomegranate seed oil that’s rich with regenerating and antioxidant properties. And blended with emollient esters and hydrating oils for delightfully smooth application. Your Lip Balm will even work as a great primer for lipsticks. Ready to see and feel the difference? 

Use on bare lips for a subtle tint, or under lipstick to boost hydration and ensure a smooth base. Feel free to use it also as a refreshing touch-up throughout the day.

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Smooth Color Hydrating Lip Balm
Overnight Revitalizing Lip Mask
Step 3.

overnight revitalizing lip mask

Pamper your lips with this pleasing revitalizing mask created to restore to your lips what the day takes out. Infused with nourishing emollient oils and Hyaluronic spheres to moisturize and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Carefully blended with luxurious Shea butter and the precious antioxidant properties of Vitamin E, our lip mask is luxurious and yet weightless in texture. Your lips will feel revitalized and plumped, your skin rejuvenated and beautifully smooth.

Apply generously with your fingers, coating evenly. Then, as you dream sweetly, your mask will be working hard to restore and revitalize your lips.

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