How to

apply eyeliner in 3 easy steps

Cleopatra. Twiggy. Amy Winehouse. Although all three names have distinctly different styles, they all share one thing in common: black eyeliner. 

apply eyeliner in 3 easy steps

a step-by-step guide to a timeless wing

More commonly known as “the wing”, the black eyeliner look is infamous, with countless (or arguably, too many) ways to go about its application. Although we’re not here to run you through all the ways how to apply eyeliner, we’re here to give you the basics: a step-by-step guide to a timeless wing.

For beginners (or regulars too, for that matter) who are looking for a fuss-free experience, we recommend using our Product Development Director’s personal favorite, the Flex Tip Eyeliner. Before grabbing your eyeliner, make sure you have ample time, and clean, prepped eyelids. If possible, try sitting down to plant your elbow on a flat surface to help anchor your arm to minimize shaking. If sitting isn’t an option, try resting your pinky finger against your face as an anchor instead.

Step 1.

Step 1.

Starting at the inner corner of your eye, using the long side of the eyeliner tip, rest it against your lash line and follow its curve. When you reach the outer corner, imagine the end of your lower lash line continuing up towards the tip of your eyebrow. This is the invisible direction of your wing.

Step 2.

Step 2.

Now, reposition the eyeliner tip going in the same direction as your lower lash line. Either gently press the long side of the eyeliner tip to create a “tail” or use the tip itself to draw a line.

Step 3.

Step 3.

Complete the wing by connecting its tail to the lash line. Fill in the blank spot.

Lastly, no need to sweat over mistakes!

Everything can be cleaned up with a Q-tip and some concealer. Pair your exceptional wing with a bold lip or a wash of eyeshadow. Or, go bare and wear it on its own. The choices are all yours. 

Eyeliner Hacks

If you are still struggling, that’s okay. Here are a few eyeliner hacks to help you along the way.

Connect the dots

If drawing lines feels intimidating, try placing dots to help guide you before lining.

The clean-up

Simply embrace the inevitable, occasional mistakes and go for it. Dip a Q-tip in some micellar water and perfect your wing afterwards.

The smudge

Using a pencil eyeliner (instead of a liquid one) draw a line along your upper lash line, not worrying too much about making it perfect. When you’ve reached your desired thickness, use a small brush to smudge it out, blurring away any mistakes. To create the wing, simply work your line up and outward (towards the tail of your brow) using your brush.

The no-eyeliner liner

Finally, if you’ve gotten to this point and still aren’t feeling fully ready to commit to an eyeliner, go for a softer, smokier version with the help of a dark eyeshadow and a smaller, slanted eyeshadow brush – equally classic and a whole lot more foolproof.