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Essentially Nude

Barely there but makes all the difference

Applying eyeshadow can sometimes be a bit overwhelming – especially when working with darker colors. In the spirit of avoiding the slippery slope of a smoky eye (or walking out your front door looking like a racoon, for that matter) we’re big fans of nude eye makeup; the look that is barely there but makes all the difference. All you need is three shades that keep within the range of your skin tone – a lighter one, a darker one, and one that is a little bit in between. For this step-by-step guide we’re using our Eye Shadow Quartet in Muddy Nudes, a flat eyeshadow brush, and a fluffy blending brush.


  1. Pick up the lightest shade with your flat brush and apply all over your lid.
  2. Using your blending brush, apply the medium shade all along your crease and blend until it’s merely a subtle wash.
  3. Use your flat brush to shade the outer corner of your lower lash line to enhance your eyes.
  4. Keeping with you flat brush, apply the darkest shade on the outer corner of your eye (make sure you don’t grab too much pigment – a little goes a long way here). Gradually build your color, steering free from the center of your lid.
  5. Blend, blend and blend inwards and along your crease. This will marry the colors with one another, creating a seamless gradient from light to dark.
  6. Top it off with a few good coats of mascara.


And there it is! The “barely there” eye makeup look that is quick, wearable and natural.

YouTube: RQmjnbV_rj0