Asthma Allergy Nordic Collaboration

As we see a high demand for products developed for sensitive skin, and this has always been one of IsaDora’s core values, being a "fragrance-free"-brand since 1983, we wanted to expand and improve our portfolio of such products.
Our Hypo-allergenic mascara has been a trusted product for many consumers for years, and we wanted to push ourselves to take it one step further by getting it evaluated by an independent organisation - Asthma Allergy Nordic seemed like the perfect match for us.

Asthma Allergy Nordic Collaboration

Isadora is honored to be in partnership with Asthma Allergy Nordic. What do you believe is the strength of the collaboration and in having our products certified by you?

The Asthma Allergy Nordic label enables consumers to make a good choice in the store and thereby gives labeled products a strong credibility boost. The number of people requiring products without allergens or irritants is steadily growing. The are many reasons, you might have an allergy, a hypersensitivity to certain substances – or you want to avoid developing one. There is also a large group of consumers who simply prefer using mild products that have been verified by an independent and trusted party.

Are there many makeup brands that have products certified by you?

No, at least not yet in Sweden. In Denmark, the trend has been strong for a long time, and we can see that it’s coming here [to Sweden] as well. Therefore, we are also very happy about Isadora’s initiative to collaborate with us.

How would you explain the assessment process, from the initial application to the approval and final certification?

To begin an application process, a manufacturer needs to share all information about their product. This means, among other things, complete information about the formulation: all ingredients and all raw materials, even those that only appear in very small quantities. We then go through all the documents to make sure that the content complies with our strict rules and regulations. We do not allow perfumes or other allergens at all, but there are also other ingredients that are strictly limited. This can apply to e.g., natural substances, which can often be allergenic. Finally, we inspect the packaging, for which we, among other things, require a complete list of all product ingredients.

What is required for a mascara to be certified by the Asthma Allergy Nordic?

It is required that the mascara lives up to all our strict criteria as clarified above. 

Is there any other mascara offered by a Swedish brand that has been certified by the Association?

No, until now, there has only been one Danish mascara approved by us.

The Asthma Allergy Nordic certification makes it easier and faster for a consumer to choose hypoallergenic products. You don’t have to learn tricky names of allergenic ingredients and read the extensive fine print. It’s simply the easiest way to choose right.

Why would a consumer buy a mascara certified by Asthma Allergy Nordic?

To avoid all the allergens found in regular mascaras. Regardless of whether you are already allergic or want to avoid future allergic reactions, it is good news that there is now a certified mascara available in stores all over Sweden.

Looking at our product portfolio, which other product categories would you like to be able to certify?

It would be exciting to certify lipsticks, blushes, or other make-up products. There are currently far too few options available within that category for those who suffer from some form of contact allergy.

The questions were answered by Annika Almgren, nationally responsible for recommended products by Asthma Allergy Nordic