Brand History

Our heritage

IsaDora was founded in Sweden in 1983 with the belief that makeup shouldn’t be a luxury for only a select few to enjoy. At that time, unscented products in a wide range of colors weren’t readily available either. Ultimately, this is what inspired and motivated the company to establish its mission of making high quality, clinically tested, fragrance-free beauty more accessible to all.

Today, under the new ownership, the company lives on with the pursuit to empower and enable more people to embrace and express their personal beauty – without having to compromise on price and quality. The heart of the business is based in Malmö, Sweden, where both global production and distribution takes place, with additional production in Switzerland. While you’ll find our products for eyes, face, lips and nails sold by around 4,000 stores in 40 countries, the ambition is to continuously grow into a worldwide brand, offering more women quality makeup.