About us

Born in Sweden over 30 years ago, we’re a makeup brand that believes in empowering everyone to embrace their unique beauty.

About us

Quality beauty that cares

Since day one, all our products have been fragrance free, cruelty free and clinically tested against some of the highest standards in the industry, making them safe for even the most sensitive skin types. We think that makeup should be fun, never a complicated compromise and always a personal choice that expresses more of you. Welcome to the world of IsaDora!

Brand History

Our heritage

IsaDora was founded in Sweden in 1983 with the belief that makeup shouldn’t be a luxury for only a select few to enjoy. At that time, unscented products in a wide range of colors weren’t readily available either. Ultimately, this is what inspired and motivated the company to establish its mission of making high quality, clinically tested, fragrance-free beauty more accessible to all.

Today, under the new ownership, the company lives on with the pursuit to empower and enable more people to embrace and express their personal beauty – without having to compromise on price and quality. The heart of the business is based in Malmö, Sweden, where both global production and distribution takes place, with additional production in Switzerland. While you’ll find our products for eyes, face, lips and nails sold by around 4,000 stores in 40 countries, the ambition is to continuously grow into a worldwide brand, offering more women quality makeup.

Our Values

Conscious beauty should be safe beauty

Taking responsibility towards both people and our planet lies at the core of our brand. We’ve been cruelty free, fragrance free and clinically tested since day one because for us it is crucial that a quality beauty experience values your health and safety above any industry laws. We strongly believe in safe beauty that is accessible to everyone, no matter the amount of time at hand or size of your wallet.

Read more about our values and responsibilities here.

asthma allergy nordic collaboration

Asthma Allergy Nordic Collaboration

As we see a high demand for products developed for sensitive skin, and this has always been one of IsaDora’s core values, being a "fragrance-free"-brand since 1983, we wanted to expand and improve our portfolio of such products.
Our Hypo-allergenic mascara has been a trusted product for many consumers for years, and we wanted to push ourselves to take it one step further by getting it evaluated by an independent organisation - Asthma Allergy Nordic seemed like the perfect match for us. Read more

Hypo-Allergenic Mascara Volume Hypo-Allergenic Mascara Definition


IsaDora x Bower

We want to encourage our IsaDora-consumers to recycle and at the same time contribute to the wellbeing of the environment. Therefore, we have chosen to start a collaboration with Bower (formerly PantaPå), which makes it possible to recycle all our products, while being rewarded with points. Smart huh?

Read more about how you recycle here
IsaDora x Bower

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Non-animal testing has been at the core of IsaDora since we were first established in 1983. Irrespective of any law, we’ve never tested our products on animals, nor do we ask third parties to, and never will.

  • Although not all IsaDora products are vegan, we always choose synthetic or vegetal options over animal derived ingredients whenever possible. With that said, our range of vegan-friendly products is continuously developing and growing. Formulated without any animal-derived ingredients*, they still live up to the colorful, high-quality, performing formulas that we take pride in.

    *Products without beeswax, carmine/CI 75470, honey, keratin and lanolin.

  • To ensure whether your product is vegan we recommend looking up the product page. All concepts have labels, including a “vegan-friendly” label. 

  • Almost all our brushes are made with high quality synthetic fibers. As for those that aren’t, they are currently being phased out. We are working hard to ensure that by 2021 all our brushes will be vegan. To check whether a specific brush is vegan, go to its product information page on our website and look for the label “vegan-friendly”.

  • We do not add nickel to our products. However, there may occur traces in other subjects, such as color pigment. Regardless, the level is always well below the limit values for nickel allowed in the EU. This is also regularly checked in accordance with current European cosmetics laws.

  • IsaDora is continuously developing new formulas and a phasing out of PFAS has been put in place. The few products which have been known to contain the substance are being replaced with improved formulas.

  • For hygiene and safety reasons, it is also crucial for us to know that upon purchasing an IsaDora product, you’re the first and only one to have opened it. Thus, all eye and lip products are covered with plastic sleeves. Furthermore, this also minimizes the number of damaged/opened products in store. In the long run we see that this decreases the amount of waste since the products stay protected and safe until purchased. 

  • All our eye products are ophthalmologically tested and approved. This means that they’ve been tested for safe use around the eyes under the supervision of an eye specialist. So, whether you wear contacts, glasses, or have very sensitive eyes you can trust our products too.

  • All IsaDora products have their ingredients listed on them. Alternatively, you can check for product information on each product’s page. However, please note that the most accurate and up to date ingredient information is always stated on the product packaging.

  • We carry two pencil sharpeners in our range – a small one and a jumbo one. The small sharpener is designed for all thin IsaDora makeup pencils and the jumbo sharpener for all jumbo pencil. We recommend always sharpening your pencil before every use to ensure a clean, precise tip.

  • We recommend storing your felt tip pens horizontally because this will prevent the tip from drying out or, on the contrary, getting overloaded with product. Before using, shake lightly.


  • The heart of the business is based in Malmö, Sweden, where both global production and distribution takes place, with an additional production facility in Switzerland. 

  • Thank you for your interest in IsaDora! You’re welcome to send an email to info@isadora.se. However, as we do receive a lot of inquiries regarding ambassadorship we are unfortunately unable to tend to all.

  • We are always excited about new talent! To check for open positions or submit your interest for future openings, please head on over to our career section or click here.


  • We are currently working on developing our color range and hope to present a broader range in the near future.

  • You can buy your IsaDora products online or at your local retailer, pharmacy or beauty department. Each product page for your country will have a link to an online retailer. 

  • We’ve dedicated our Inspiration page to all sorts of tips & tricks, tutorials and guides.

Join Us

Want to join the world of Isadora?

IsaDora has grown and developed over decades to become the proud beauty brand it is today. We could never have achieved any of it without all the wonderful, hard-working people that stand behind the brand passionately. For us it’s all about teamwork, dedication, and happiness (why do it if you’re not having fun while you’re at it, right?).

We’re a bunch of creative, nerdy, techy, curious beauty fantasts who love standing behind what we do: a cruelty free, fragrance free, clinically tested makeup brand that brings out the best in you.

Click on the link below to get to our career portal. Here you will find all current openings or send in an unsolicited application, we are always looking for brilliant talents.

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