Brow Powder Pen

  • formt, definiert und füllt kleine Lücken auf
  • hochpigmentiert und langanhaltend

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Von natürlich bis hin zu kräftig – mit unserem Brow Powder Pen gelingt Ihnen jede Brauenform. Die Brauen werden mit dem weichen Stift schön geformt und perfekt definiert, kleine Lücken werden im Handumdrehen aufgefüllt. Die pudrige Formel sorgt für ein hochpigmentiertes Finish, das den ganzen Tag lang hält. Mit der Spiralbürste am anderen Stiftende lassen sich kleine Fehler korrigieren. Das Ergebnis sind makellose, dichte Augenbrauen, ganz ohne harte Linien.

Der natürlichen Wuchsrichtung Ihrer Augenbrauenhaare folgend feine Striche in die lichten Stellen setzen. Mit der Spiralbürste die Härchen nach oben kämmen und harte Linien oder Ränder korrigieren.

Für ein Ergebnis, das noch länger hält, abschließend mit einem transparenten Augenbrauengel fixieren.


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  • nach Leesa36 10 Mai 2019

    This is the perfect shade for me. I'm brunette and went for medium brown. It goes on easily with a pencil tip and has a brush at the other end to tame your brows. It is easy to use and is a great match to my natural eyebrow colour.

  • nach Geeorgiaa93 10 Mai 2019

    I have really sparse brows so often rely on a pencil to fill them - this one is really great as it’s precise and keeps my eyebrows looking natural. The dual end is really useful for blending when i’m on the go and need a quick touch up. Would definitely recommend.

  • nach Hfat 12 Juni 2019

    It's for beginners like myself, such an awesome product. It blends in so easily, it's not messy, easy to wipe off snugly mistakes and doesn't take long to finish and ready the eyebrows. The both ends of the brow pen are so much easier to store and for everyday use it's a really good product. I would surely recommend it.

  • nach BeckyB 07 Juni 2019

    I love this product! I have quite thick brows and the little brush is perfect for keeping them in check throughout the day. I also find the pencil great for filling in anywhere that is sparse. I have fairly fair brows so dont need to use much but you could layer.

  • nach Purplekayes1 02 Juni 2019

    This brow powder pen is perfect, I have dark blonde hair but my eye brows are darker-I always struggle to find the right colour brow pen/gel or pencil This is a perfect colour and applies very well-if I wanted a darker effect I pushed a bit harder or for a lighter effect one or two soft strikes did the job-all topped off with a brush the opposite end to smooth and tame any unruly hairs!

  • nach Blondeyatesy 01 Juni 2019

    I love this brow pencil, it’s very easy to apply and can either give a very defined application or you can use the brush to blend it in. It sharpens well too. I really like the brush feature, it cleans easily in a piece of tissue. The brown colour was a great match for my light brow colour to give definition without looking too fake.

  • nach KG77 31 Mai 2019

    I found this fiddly and hard to use the colour is darker than I expected and the pencil comes out like a pencil it doesn’t blend or go on smoothly you have to apply pressure and draw line over line and it looks fake. Won’t be purchasing again I’m afraid

  • nach Samantha 30 Mai 2019

    This brow pen goes on very smoothly and blends very will with the brush. It put a nice amount of colour on with put having to go over it loads. It doesn't smudge either which is good. But does come off eas3when you want it too.

  • nach Kg268 29 Mai 2019

    Pencil felt like really good quality. It was easy to apply both the pencil end, then the brush end to help shape the eyebrows. The colour matched my eyebrows really well, which I have struggled with in the past

  • nach Bradbury342 27 Mai 2019

    I found this brow pencil easy to use. First time using one, so had to look for videos on YouTube to figure out how to do them! Once I got started though, it was easy to colour them, and the brush on the end is handy for making my eyebrows look a lot more natural.

  • nach Gabriettawow 27 Mai 2019

    This is first time using a brow pen and wow this one is so easy to use. The pencil glides easily round and over my eyebrows and the brush which is really firm brushes the eyebrows to blend it all in easily making my eyebrows look natural.

  • nach MelissaM88 24 Mai 2019

    I got this a few weeks ago and I’m really impressed! I have black hair but got the dark brown shade and it works really well. The powder pencils on very smoothly so gives a very natural finish to my brows. It fills the gaps in without looking too harsh, I’d definitely recommend!

  • nach hutch 22 Mai 2019

    Much better than some of the other pencils I've had as doesnt smudge, love teh addition of the brush on the end as well. Easy to take out in my handbag and top up if needed. Nice colour match as well. I use with an eyebrow gel on top to set and like the look.

  • nach Lbell 22 Mai 2019

    Having to do your eyebrows each day is a hard work so finding a product that makes that task a bit easier is a dream, this definitely does. It lasts without smudging too. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  • nach Jackie27 21 Mai 2019

    Great idea having the brush and the pencil all in one. I find it a bit tricky to use a pencil rather than a powder but after a couple of goes I really liked it. A really nice shade and glides on easily.

  • nach Chelsie 21 Mai 2019

    Absolutely LOVE this product! Have tried a lot of brow products in my time and this is up there as one of the best. So easy to use and a lovely colour. The bristles on the brush side are lovely and hard so you can really create that brush stroke effect on your brows

  • nach KBrown 21 Mai 2019

    I was sceptical about this purchase but I am glad I did! I have always wanted to have use of a pencil for ease but most eyebrow pencils are too harsh, however this does just come out like a powder! Not too harsh and glides nicely.

  • nach Social101 21 Mai 2019

    I do really enjoy using this pencil. I keep it in my emergency makeup bag for whenever I need a quick touch up! I found the colour to perfectly match my eyebrows and the pencil itself to be smooth, not too hard but not too soft. This still allows me to apply the colour with some force, but I still keep control.

  • nach Smartie83 20 Mai 2019

    It emphasizes and shapes eyebrows, and thanks to its delicate and soft formula it gives a perfect look. It helps to give a specific shape and enhance the eyebrows, thanks to which it provides a natural effect throughout the day. Use a brush to spread the color and get a natural look. The brush placed on the tip is used for combing eyebrows and removing excess product....

  • nach Ellyrarg 20 Mai 2019

    Went on very thick and so obviously coloured my brows in. Was a bit better after some blending but it wasn’t especially subtle (and I prefer subtle!). If prominent eyebrows are your thing, this would be perfect.

  • nach PandaDoll 19 Mai 2019

    I would never thought an eyebrow pencil could make such a difference. I adore this product. It almost glides onto my brows, defining them quickly and easily, a couple of strokes and they look much fuller but still natural, the shade is a perfect match for me. The brush at the end it super handy too, no need for any other it's very practical to have it at the end of the pencil. The only thing I dislike is that it requires to have a sharpener, which is no big deal, but i just feel like I'm wasting so much of the actual product keeping it sharpened to achieve those very fine lines. It is more environment friendly this way so i would not mark it down for this.

  • nach Beccy 19 Mai 2019

    My eyebrows are sparse and thin from over plucking when I was younger. This is great as it comes with a brush one end and pencil the other which is super handy and so easy to use! Before I apply I brush my brows with the brush end. The pencil glides on creating perfect hair strokes giving full natural looking brows! It stays on all day even after a session at the gym and still looks as good as when I first applied. This is a fantastic product and I would highly recommend it to others!

  • nach Wallyah92 17 Mai 2019

    After the first use of this eyebrow pencil, I am very disappointed. The pencil and the brush are very dry which does not make the use pleasant. So the application is a little painful. It's a shame because the dark brown color is very beautiful and goes well with my black eyebrows which intensifies my eyes.

    beantwortet von IsaDora 20-02-21 10:40

    Hi Wallyah, Thank you for your comment, sorry to hear that you are disappointed. We have a wide range of eyebrow products, so can we instead recommend you try our Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil, which has a softer, smoother formula and should fulfill your needs: We hope you like it! Best, Your IsaDora Team

  • nach Jess88 17 Mai 2019

    This product is lovely, It goes on so smoothly and is really precise, I have medium brown and it is the perfect colour for me, this is a makeup bag must have for me, thank you IsaDora make up for an amazing product.

  • nach Mrs C 16 Mai 2019

    I'm so happy with this product, it shapes, defines and fills without harsh lines, quick and easy to use with a powdery finish. Seems to be quite long lasting after a full day at work. Loving the fact it has a grooming brush attached too

  • nach M3rcury78 16 Mai 2019

    I always struggle to find the right colour for me that doesn’t look too dark or too light - not any more! This is perfect for me. Doesn’t leave my brows looking too fake or claggy, the integrated brush works really well for blending too. It lasts all day without reapplying or touching up if I’ve touched my face. I’m so happy with it

  • nach JessLoves 16 Mai 2019

    Unfortunately this product is too light for my brows. If they offer this product in a darker tone then I would buy this product. It has a nice texture and I would recommend this product to others. Good product overal

  • nach Bexbox 16 Mai 2019

    Really really like this eyebrow pencil. Its glides on and gives good precision for the shape. It also has the spooly on the end the brush threw your brows . I would recommend this and buy it again. Quality product

  • nach redderse 15 Mai 2019

    this is the product I have been looking for and now I have found it. so simple and easy to use. looks effective and bold. stayed put all day and looked like new from the moment it was applied to bedtime. a great overall product and I am very happy with it

  • nach Jooj87 15 Mai 2019

    This morning I used IsaDora brown powder pen for the first time, I'm used to a normal pencil (not powder). I was pleasantly surprised if I am honest. the colour was fab, it went on well and stayed on all day which is also a bonus

  • nach AnnabelA 15 Mai 2019

    The brow brush that is on the end of the pencil is a very good brush. I usually use a wax and powder pallet for my eyebrows and have quite enjoyed using this pencil instead although it does need to be blended in a little. The brown is a great colour.

  • nach Misha B 15 Mai 2019

    Firstly, I love the feature of the brush and pen together, it just makes sense! The colour was perfect against my complexion, it wasn't too harsh when applied which was my worry. Its quite long lasting too and I use this as part of my daily routine.

  • nach mummiismurf 15 Mai 2019

    So, I normally use a 'normal' pencil to do my eyebrows & this one is a powder one. I didn't have a clue what that meant but thought I'd give it a whirl. The first day I couldn't get on with it as it seemed to go over the line I was drawing on making it look smudged but the second day of trying I angled the pencil differently & I have to say it looked a lot better! I really do like this product now I've got the hang of using it & it looks better than my normal pencil!

  • nach AlisonBurnsy 15 Mai 2019

    I have used a few makes as i do like a good defind brow brush and i have to admit the finish of this brush is amazing and love how it matches my colour clearly also. The filler and brush end on this product is also amazing and allows you to blend perfectly

  • nach Rachclynch 15 Mai 2019

    I’m new to doing my brows was little worried I would mess using this brow pen but it works fab it was simple to use and wow my brows have never looked better this is going to become a must for my makeup bad

  • nach Louiseherbie 15 Mai 2019

    Brow pencil comes with a brush on the other end, to tame fly away hairs. It’s taken a bit of getting used to as I’ve been using a pencil which is long so helps shape brows. Once used to it, it gives great coverage and lasts all day. Nice shade too fits well with my colouring and looks natural. I would buy again

  • nach Sarah198028 15 Mai 2019

    This brow pen is amazing,I have light sparse eye brows with very little definition. This brow pen defines and darkens without looking fake.colour was spot on.eady to apply,long lasting and looks great

  • nach J3n1109 14 Mai 2019

    I usually use a powder for my brows as in the past when using pens and pencils, they tend to look 'drawn on' however that is not the case with this pen. With light strokes, this pen gives you that fatherly look on your eyebrows. Natural looking and along with the brush to smooth the hairs down, they look amazing. I went for a brown as I have naturally dark hair. The black would have come across too harsh on me but the brown I have is perfect. Easy to use and it lasts all day bearing in mind I have it on for more than 12 hours a day. Great buy!

  • nach Coco83 14 Mai 2019

    The pencil is very smooth,leaves a lovely tone to your brows, easy application so makes your brows look natural. The comb is very handy to brush through before and after application. Your brows feel very smooth and soft after applucation.

  • nach Cds2101 14 Mai 2019

    This product has its pros and cons! For me it is mostly cons I’m afraid... The colour is good when built up but can look a little reddish-brown. The pencil doesn’t sharpen to a small enough point so getting defined lines is difficult! It did smudge up my face slightly and didn’t stick awfully well! The positives are that it fills the brows in well, it has a good brush on the other end and is easy to remove with makeup remover!

  • nach Lubyloo 14 Mai 2019

    I have very dark eyebrows, but lack an arch. I hate the over drawn look which can easily happen if the pencil isn't right. This pencil turns to powder which is perfect to create a softer look and blend so easily. the spool is great too.

  • nach Jamielou90 14 Mai 2019

    Love this brow pen. I like the brush on the end and the actual powder is a nice colour which matches my eyebrows well. I can take my time and get good strokes so i can fill in where it needs to be and it looks natural.

  • nach Riri2311 13 Mai 2019

    I don’t like the hd look on my brows but thought I would give this a try, my brows do look a thin, so I tried using the pen, it was amazing make my brows look fantastic and thick and lasted the whole day, it was nice to get complicated well

  • nach Gracefenton 13 Mai 2019

    This is a great product. Nice to get a brow pencil this big, they are usually a lot smaller! The density is quite compact so it doesn’t come out too thick which is good. Having “powder” in the name is slightly misleading as it’s just a brow pencil.

  • nach Claire 13 Mai 2019

    I really like this product. it's so easy to use and very convenient, more so than a separate brush and palette. I feel the colour is good, not orangey which can sometimes be a problem with browns. it is a nice soft pencil so you only need to be gentle with the application to get a good finish. this is now my go to eyebrow product.

  • nach MrsO 11 Mai 2019

    I get my brows tinted and shaped every 8 weeks but find from the 4 week onwards mark they start to look sparse and patchy so I use the IsaDora Brow Powder Pen in medium brown. It’s such a natural colour and is very easy to use, not waxy like others I’ve used and it doesn’t leave me looking like I’ve applied anything at all as I really can’t stand the heavy salon brow look. I like that once I’ve applied the colour I can feather it through with the spoolie brush on the opposite end, a fab little extra... ensuring I’ve got even coverage which lasts all day. The only downside for me is for an eyebrow pencil it’s a little on the soft side but it’s become a staple in my makeup kit nevertheless

  • nach Nikkeenoo 11 Mai 2019

    This is definitely my go to brow product! Feels creamy but once applied to brows it goes on like a dream! It doesn’t smudge or clump into brows, it gives a lovely even line & shading. It lasted nearly all day, with no smudging or coming off, I even rubbed my brows a few times. Came off super easy when I washed my face & didn't stain my brows. Love the little brush at the opposite side of the pencil too, helps to blend the colour properly so brows don’t look over done.

  • nach Leesa36 10 Mai 2019

    This is the perfect shade for me. I'm brunette and went for medium brown. It goes on easily with a pencil tip and has a brush at the other end to tame your brows. It is easy to use and is a great match to my natural eyebrow colour.

  • nach Geeorgiaa93 10 Mai 2019

    I have really sparse brows so often rely on a pencil to fill them - this one is really great as it’s precise and keeps my eyebrows looking natural. The dual end is really useful for blending when i’m on the go and need a quick touch up. Would definitely recommend.

  • nach Pernilla 22 Mai 2020

    Jag älskade denna penna tills ni gjorde om den till någon kladdig variant. Vart sjukt besviken när ni gjort om pennan. Har inte hittat någon i närheten av samma klass som den va. Önskar ni gick tillbaka till den gamla varianten igen.

    beantwortet von IsaDora 20-09-17 14:40

    HeJ Pernilla, Ibland ersätter vi gamla produkter med nya formulor för att fasa ut potentiellt skadliga ämnen och uppgradera produkten. Vi är ledsna att höra att du inte tycker om den nya varianten, men kan glädja dig med att vi har ett brett utbud av ögonbrynsprodukter att välja mellan, och hoppas att du ska hitta en ny favorit! Vänligen, team IsaDora

  • nach Hanna 08 Juni 2020

    I really don’t like this produkt so hard to use and not good pigment! The prevoius gelpencil were much better.

    beantwortet von IsaDora 20-09-17 09:52

    Hi Hanna, Thank you for your message. We're sorry to hear you are not happy with this product, please send an email to our customer service with your specific feedback on and they will be happy to help. Best, Team IsaDora

  • nach Cecilie 24 August 2021

    I have used this eyebrow-pensel for as long as i can remember, and i love the color and the way you can fix your brow in just sone secund. The only thing that i dont like, is that in the latest years the pencil has plastic inside it, around the color. And the color brakes easyer then it did before.

    beantwortet von IsaDora 21-09-09 13:24

    Hi Cecile, we haven't changed the pencils since we launched it. There is a thin plastic foil around the core since the powdery and therefore brittle core needs additional “assistance” to be stable enough to endure normal handling and sharpening. When using a cosmetic pencil sharpener with a sharp blade the wood as well as the foil around the lead will be cut nice and clean and will be hardly visible. Hope this helps :) Kind regards

  • nach Lana Stenyakin 02 Juni 2022

    Love it

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